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Welcome to The Cantha Report. This is Mi-Rae reporting live from our studio in New Kaineng. Stay sharp, Cantha.

— Mi-Rae

Mi-Rae is a reporter for the holonews channel called The Cantha Report. She periodically appears as a hologram throughout Cantha in various locations, keeping citizens of the empire up to date with recent events.



Story involvement[edit]

Secrets of the Obscure story[edit]


See also: Han-Gyeol


Mi-Rae: Welcome to The Cantha Report. This is Mi-Rae reporting live from our studio in New Kaineng.
Mi-Rae: Stay sharp, Cantha.
Mi-Rae: The Cantha Report is independent programming. Bringing the most reliable news to your personal holo-devices, today.
Mi-Rae: With the rise of Xunlai Jade, competitors in the industry are afraid to stand up against the tech giant.
Mi-Rae: Is Xunlai's innovation and dominance coming at the expense of a free and open market?
Mi-Rae: Chaos broke out at the Old Kaineng restoration meeting this afternoon.
Mi-Rae: Two individuals self-identifying as Purists rampaged through the meeting hall, slandering the empress.
Mi-Rae: They were immediately detained by the Ministry of Security and are currently being held at the East Precinct.
Mi-Rae: In addition to the Old Kaineng restoration project, the Ministry of Archives has set their sights on Raisu Palace.
Mi-Rae: If it can be reclaimed from the Risen, Minister Preeda has expressed interest in turning the ruins into a memorial.
Mi-Rae: Empress Ihn has no intention of restoring the palace for her own use, given its problematic history.
Mi-Rae: This is a friendly public service announcement issued by the Ministry of Transportation.
Mi-Rae: "As we see an increase in tourism and travel, we've also seen an increase in kappa-related casualties."
Mi-Rae: "Please do not feed or pet the kappa, and under no circumstances should you look one in the eyes for over two seconds."
Mi-Rae: The Ministry of Trade will be holding a public forum about the proposed tariff following the border reopening.
Mi-Rae: I spoke with one business owner in Kaineng who applauded the decision to reopen, eager to see an influx of tourism.
Mi-Rae: As the Jade Sea reverts, many are left wondering: What will happen to our jade appliances?
Mi-Rae: Tune in for an interview with Doctor Kyung-Hu from the Ministry of Agriculture about her book, "Is the Jade Sea Melting?"
Mi-Rae: Xunlai Jade is warning the public to avoid Jade Brotherhood goods after numerous reports of dangerous malfunctions.
Mi-Rae: Which raises the question: Should the ministries impose harsher crackdowns on the Brotherhood?
Mi-Rae: The citizens of Echovald seek independence as the Ministries angle to increase their presence.
Mi-Rae: I'll be speaking with a recent Echovaldian transplant and discuss why some oppose these extreme measures.
Mi-Rae: In a display of resilience, two warriors from opposing factions stood together to conquer a common enemy: Shiro Tagachi.
Mi-Rae: In a special report, we spotlight Saint Viktor zu Heltzer, Archemorus, and their lasting impact on Cantha.
Mi-Rae: Ongoing tensions between the Speakers and the Jade Brotherhood continue to escalate in Echovald.
Mi-Rae: Both gangs fight for dominance of the forest, putting civillian lives at risk.
Mi-Rae: The group known as the Kestrels aims to quell the gangs' unrest, providing protection to the civillians in the area.

During Act I[edit]

During Old Friends
Mi-Rae: We are receiving reports of violent disturbances in Shing Jea following the airship crash outside of the monastery.
Mi-Rae: Minister Li is putting together a task force, investigating a severe uptick in crime throughout the region.
Mi-Rae: We will continue to monitor the situation as the ministry conducts their investigations.
During Outreach
Mi-Rae: The crash survivors have been released from prison following their sudden and impromptu arrival in Cantha.
Mi-Rae: Humanitarians cheer while others are more hesitant. Should they be allowed free rein, or kept under a watchful eye?
Mi-Rae: The Ministry of Trade has started new investigations following a series of complaints about malfunctioning jade tech.
Mi-Rae: A representative from Xunlai spoke earlier this week on the topic, labeling the dangerous malfunctions "isolated events."

During Act II[edit]

During The Scenic Route
Mi-Rae: It is my honor to welcome Ambassador Kasmeer Meade of Kryta—not only to the show, but to Cantha!
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Thank you for having me—it's an honor, really. I'm thrilled to be here. In Cantha.
Mi-Rae: Is there anything you'd like to say to the people of Cantha? Many are apprehensive about our reopening.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Just...hello! And that we're excited to welcome Cantha back to the world. We want to build a warm relationship.
Mi-Rae: When you say "we", who are you referring to? Tyria as a whole, or Kryta?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Officially I speak for Kryta, but I think I can also speak for Tyria. We are all eager.
During The Future in Jade
Mi-Rae: The Ministry of Security warns that a suspect involved in the pirate attack is loose in Kaineng.
Mi-Rae: Authorities have described her as an asura; diminutive, with multicolored eyes.
Mi-Rae: If you have any information, please contact your nearest MinSec officer. And as always, stay sharp.
[verification requested]
Mi-Rae: Reports of malfunctioning jade tech, including city-wide power outages in Kaineng, continue to escalate across Cantha.
Mi-Rae: Xunlai Jade assures the public that there is nothing to fear, but the civilian reports tell another story.

During Act III[edit]

After Deepest Secrets
Mi-Rae: Breaking. Following a disturbance at the Yong Reactor, Xunlai Jade is warning people to evacuate the area.
Mi-Rae: Following the explosion, multiple citizens report seeing a large creature fleeing the site.
Mi-Rae: Some individuals even claimed that it resembled Soo-Won, the savior of Kaineng. Story ongoing.
Mi-Rae: Following the Yong Reactor explosion, MinSec has issued an arrest warrant. The subject of the order is as of yet unknown.
After Fallout
Mi-Rae: Today I am joined by the Minister of Security himself, Minister Li.
Mi-Rae: Minister, do you think our recent border reopening and the uptick in violence are at all related?
Minister Li: I do. Ever since the outsiders arrived in Cantha, we have seen a significant increase in crime.
Mi-Rae: Based on your last public report, the individuals involved in the Shing Jea crash are your leading suspects.
Minister Li: Yes. Our intelligence has led us to believe that they are well versed in creating havoc. Panic.
Minister Li: Any information on their whereabouts should be immediately surrendered to the ministry.
Mi-Rae: Citizens in Echovald and the Jade Sea are reporting various disturbances following the incident at the Yong Reactor.
Mi-Rae: One tourist claimed that she was attacked by a black moa after visiting a Kurzick gravesite. Calm creatures, now vicious.
Mi-Rae: I am joined again by Ambassador Kasmeer Meade.
Mi-Rae: Ambassador, ever since the reopening, we've seen a sharp increase in violence throughout Cantha.
Mi-Rae: Culminating in the devastating terrorist attack at the Yong Reactor.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Our hearts are with the people of Kaineng in the wake of this horrific incident.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: But I assure you, Kryta had no involvement.
Mi-Rae: Are you denying the reports of Krytans and other outsiders fleeing the scene?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Cantha has our full support in investigating exactly what happened. We're confident that the evidence will exonerate—
Mi-Rae: Is it true that your own partner is involved in these incidents?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Th-that...doesn't change my stance. Kryta is an ally of Cantha.

During Act IV[edit]

During In the Name of the Law
Mi-Rae: The Ministry of Security is still searching for the outsiders in relation to the incident at the Yong Reactor.
Mi-Rae: Members of the Crystal Bloom, an organization associated with the dragon Aurene, are being detained for questioning.
Mi-Rae: Xunlai Jade founder Yu Joon has not been seen outside her mansion since the recent uptick in violent jade tech malfunctions.
Mi-Rae: We are currently trying to reach her for a statement.
Mi-Rae: We are receiving numerous reports of...disturbing occurrences around the Jade Sea and Echovald Forest.
Mi-Rae: I spoke with one family earlier today whose home disappeared right before their very eyes.
Mi-Rae: Their youngest child was still inside.
Mi-Rae: We are still receiving reports of obscure and unexplained events all over the empire.
Mi-Rae: A "vortex" has opened up in a Shing Jea resident's kitchen. No one has fallen in...yet.

During Act V[edit]

During Extraction Point
Mi-Rae: Following Li Ha-Eung's arrest in association with the Purists, who will be the next Minister of Security?
Mi-Rae: With Li ousted, public controversy rages over whether or not an internal replacement would be just as corrupt.
Mi-Rae: The Ministry of Intelligence has cleared the outsiders of all charges following Minister Li's arrest.
Mi-Rae: This is an urgent message from the Throne of Cantha.
Mi-Rae: The Elder Dragon Soo-Won has emerged and is wreaking havoc in the Jade Sea. She is plagued by an...unknown corruption.
Mi-Rae: All of Cantha should be considered in danger. Please seek shelter and stay tuned for any additional updates.
Mi-Rae: Stay safe and stay sharp.
Mi-Rae: Reports of reality-shattering events continue to pour in from all over Cantha.
Mi-Rae: All of the doors in Kaineng's Cobble Ward disappeared, locking everyone inside their homes and businesses.
Mi-Rae: A portal opened beneath Lake Lutgardis, swallowing the fishermen on the surface before closing shortly after.
Mi-Rae: Their whereabouts are currently unknown.
During The Cycle, Reborn
Mi-Rae: Following the arrest of Minister Li, MinTel continues to dig up a long history of Purist interference in our Ministries.
Mi-Rae: Officials are concerned his arrest may spark an uprising among his supporters...
Mi-Rae: She prevented a catastrophe, saving millions from certain demise.
Mi-Rae: Mai Trin, a pirate-turned-hero, sacrificed her life to save Kaineng in the terrorist attack at the Yong Reactor.
Mi-Rae: Empress Ihn has bestowed on Mai Trin the title Hero of Kaineng, for her exceptional display of bravery.
Mi-Rae: Yu Joon will be erecting a statue in her honor at the repaired reactor in the upcoming months.
Mi-Rae: Welcome back to The Cantha Report. We have a very special guest in the studio today. Acting Minister of Security, Cho Min.
Mi-Rae: You were instrumental in exposing the corruption. Tell me, Minister, are you interested in taking on the role full time?
Precinct Captain Min: I'd like to make a difference. Li was only one piece of a much larger problem.
Precinct Captain Min: Regardless of my role, there's a lot of work to be done, and I will do everything in my power to see that it is.
Mi-Rae: Are you saying that the Purists are still active in Cantha?
Precinct Captain Min: We don't know the scope of their operation, but it would be foolish to ignore them.
Precinct Captain Min: Even with Li out of the picture, they're a threat. So I'm confident when I say: yes, they are still active.
Mi-Rae: Although we lost one light, another rose up to defend Cantha in her hour of need.
Mi-Rae: Kuunavang, a legend we only read about in stories until now, revealed herself in the fight against the Void.
Mi-Rae: But with her arrival, many of us are left wondering: Who is Kuunavang? And has she walked among us all along?
Mi-Rae: In light of recent events, Empress Ihn is planning her first trip to Kryta following the border reopening.
Mi-Rae: She will be accompanied by Minister Cho and Ambassador Meade, and will be staying at the queen's estate in Divinity's Reach.

After Act V[edit]

Mi-Rae: While the world rumbles after the loss of another Elder Dragon, Cantha mourns the death of our protector and savior.
Mi-Rae: Although the cause of Soo-Won's sudden rampage is still being determined, she was put to rest at the Harvest Temple.
Mi-Rae: People are gathering from across Cantha to mourn her, releasing flowers into the ocean in solidarity.
Mi-Rae: One girl wept before a Shrine of the Ocean earlier today, whimpering, "Who will protect us now?"
Mi-Rae: I am joined again today by Ambassador Meade, who will be speaking on behalf of Queen Jennah.
Mi-Rae: Ambassador.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: All of Tyria weeps with you today. And we stand with you.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: You have lost a light, but another will ignite in its place. Until then, Cantha is not alone. None of you are alone.
Mi-Rae: Thank you, Ambassador. And thank you, Queen Jennah.


In some news reports Mi-Rae appears as a hologram named MBS Anchor instead, while her proper name appears in the recorded chat box dialogue.
  • Mi-Rae's dialogue updates based on player progress in End of Dragons story.
  • Mi-Rae's hologram appears with randomized dialogue when approaching the various hologram stands throughout Cantha. To trigger dialogue again from the same stand, the player has to move a significant distance away before approaching the stand again.