Wild-Eye Miller

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Wild-Eye Miller


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Wild-Eye Miller is a crazy beggar found west of Fort Marriner.




"So I heard a story about some friends of mine being dragon minions. Old news. But did you know...
- Everyone's a dragon minion! Humans are the chosen of Zhaitan! They rebelled when he was defeated!
- Asura? Flaming devils of Primordius!
- Charr are aspects of the crystal dragon. And the norn...
- Jor-mag!"
"You ever wondered what they did with bodies?
- They don't want you to know! But I know! They used the bodies to rebuild the city!
- Bones for rebar! Blood for mortar! We tread on the flesh of the dead! The dead!"
"Whatever happened to Mai Trin? Why didn't Delaqua Investigations take her down after Scarlet? I'll tell you why!
- Ever noticed the resemblance between the Delaqua sisters? Marjory. Belinda. Mai Trin!
- Trin is Marjory's long-lost sister. The secret family shame!
- The great detective let her go! Helped her change her name! They even changed her face!"
"We elected Kiel, but Evon Gnashblade runs this city. All the proceeds from the rebuild? Straight into his pocket.
- But we all know about that. What's strange is how Gnashblade is always in the right place at the right time.
- Have you heard the sightings of two Evon Gnashblades? They're true. But how? A body double? Is Gnashblade a mesmer?
- The second Gnashblade is Evon's twin brother, Tarvan! The twins stay in contact through telepathy.
- They own this city. You can't stop two Gnashblades!"