The Juncture

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The Juncture

The Juncture map.jpg
Map of The Juncture

The Juncture locator.svg
Location within Edge of the Mists

The Juncture.jpg
The Juncture

The Juncture is an Aetherblades fortress that borders the three regions in the Edge of the Mists.




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Mai Trin occasionally addresses the Veteran Aetherblade Captain and crew:

Captain Mai Trin: Aetherblades! Muster up! We can't claim this territory if we don't control it. Move out and start conquering!
Captain Mai Trin: I'm not just a pirate captain anymore. Around here, I'm governor, too.
Captain Mai Trin: Until further notice, this is our new base of operations. I want Aetherblades controlling each and every sector!