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Stealth Gliding

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Stealth Gliding.png

Stealth Gliding

Heart of Thorns mastery point

Heart of Thorns

Before completion: Learn to glide silently and undetected through the air for short periods by dodging while gliding. 

After completion: To activate stealth, perform a dodge by double-tapping in any direction while gliding.

— In-game description


  • Despite the description, stealth gliding uses whatever controls you normally use for dodge.
  • Applies 5 seconds of Stealth.png Hide in Shadows upon activation.
  • As Revealed.png Revealed is applied upon deploying or withdrawing the glider, none of this stealth can be kept after landing.
  • Rewards Gift of Hidden Descent needed for Specialization Collections on first use (once with each profession).
Players are often immune to applying the effect, even when not under the effect of Revealed.png Revealed. This seems to generally happen only when in combat, but otherwise seems to be completely independent of any damage received or dealt.[verification requested]

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