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An image of oni near Old Bell Shrine.

There are some who say that the demonic, savage Oni originate in the Mists, others from someplace even more distant, dark, and cut off from the world of sanity. They are killers from beyond, appearing from nowhere to butcher their victims, for what reason no one knows. Whatever their purpose or origin, the Oni are among the most deadly things on two legs in Cantha.

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Oni are rare demonic creatures found in Cantha, historically allied with the demon Kanaxai, oni are now found near potent sources of magic within the depths of the Jade Sea. Believed by the Kurzicks to have first appeared following the Jade Wind in 1382 CC (872 AE),[1] while Luxons of the Turtle Clan believed them to be humans in an advanced state of corruption by Kanaxai, and bear similarities to the crazed Luxon Outcasts.[2] Other rumors claim the Oni come from the Mists, or from even more distant realms.[3]

Oni are skilled hunters and use their sharp talons to skin their prey.[4]




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  • In Japanese folklore, oni are either invisible spirits or gods that cause disasters and have a taste for human flesh, or large brutish ogre-like creatures with claws and a pair of horns.

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