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Zinn's Recorder

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the text displayed on each recorder. For a guide of where to find these, see Lessons Learned.

Zinn's Recorder

Zinn's Recorder.jpg

Draconis Mons
(Ring of Fire)

There are 14 of Zinn's Recorders scattered around Draconis Mons.


Ring of Fire


Zinn's Recorder 01
*Zinn*: Is the recorder on? All right. For posterity. We've been ousted once again, exiled by overgrown ants.
*Zinn*: I got as many krewe out through Asura Gate Alpha as I could, but the situation was dire. The gate has self-destructed.
*Zinn*: There's no going back. I know not where Kalla and the Novus krewe are dead or alive. Good resources lost.
*Zinn*: We transferred most of the animals in my menagerie and enough food crates to keep us fed for a while. We can do this.
Zinn's Recorder 02
*Zinn*: I'm looking at this cavern and seeing nothing but potential. It's isolated, defensible, and brimming with magic.
*Zinn*: I had not intended to come here so soon, but needs must and all that. I have my golems and a dozen krewe members.
*Zinn*: It will have to be enough. The Eternal Alchemy has decided that it's time to build Rata Arcanum.
Zinn's Recorder 03
*Zinn*: This volcano's throat will give us critical knowledge to help us go after Primordus.
*Zinn*: It will provide the means to test flame-resistant armor and weapons. Fear not. I still embrace our original goal.
*Zinn*: I am now thrice exiled: from the home of my youth, from Rata Sum, and from Rata Novus.
*Zinn*: We'll do whatever it takes to climb back to the top of the food chain, and Primordus is the ladder.
Zinn's Recorder 04
*Zinn*: Though I have no theory as to how they got here, we've discovered creatures living in the cavern.
*Zinn*: Occasionally, for example, I catch sight of a nature spirit. I presume these are relatives of the druids of Maguuma.
*Zinn*: They watch us constantly but do not let us get close enough to interact with them.
Zinn's Recorder 05
*Zinn*: I've decided to build research vaults where we can work in safety, away from beast and insect attacks.
*Zinn*: The golems have nearly finished the first one. In the meantime, we're culling and corralling the local beasts.
*Zinn*: I won't allow local wildlife—or anything—to hinder us this time. I've learned my lesson. Kill or be killed.
Zinn's Recorder 06
*Zinn*: The golems finished building the fourth vault, and so I ordered them to turn their attention to the city's foundation.
*Zinn*: The vaults have kept my krewe safe while performing their research. There are four, scattered around the cavern.
*Zinn*: I have claimed the first one, as my tools are already there, and my research is obviously the most important.
Zinn's Recorder 07
*Zinn*: Finding food has become difficult. Nothing grows here. The beasts aren't exactly tasty. And the mushrooms? No.
*Zinn*: I had an idea, though. I'm building a device that uses cuttings and food scraps to create new growth.
*Zinn*: Early tests have proven successful, and I grew a potato shaped like M.O.X. this morning. I am optimistic.
Zinn's Recorder 08
*Zinn*: These fools must stop bothering me so I can make progress. All their warnings and pessimism weighs on my nerves.
*Zinn*: I am about to create a garden from nothing more than dried seeds and roots. We will feast!
*Zinn*: If getting tricked by Joko was the low point of my career, this will be the high point. I am ecstatic!
Zinn's Recorder 09
*Zinn*: Stand back, everyone! Prepare to be amazed! <sound of device>
*Zinn*: Ha ha! Look at the fruit ripen! What magic my genius has wrought. If only Oola could see me now!
*Zinn*: My terraformer is ready for Phase Two. I will transform the entire ledge outside Vault Prime.
Zinn's Recorder 10
*Zinn*: Ignoramus druids. Dimwitted, nincompoop druids! You don't have the brain power to understand what I have accomplished!
*Zinn*: You're not the first druids I've encountered, and you won't be the last.
*Zinn*: Every year sees the birth of small-minded humans obsessed with simplicity. Go back to your caves and waterfalls!
*Zinn*: You gave up life, flesh, and blood, to commune with nature. So what? Am I supposed to be impressed? This is my Tyria too!
*Druid*: You are warping nature. We cannot allow this. You must cease immediately.
*Zinn*: Or what? What will you do? Watch me to death? Please! Guards! Seize them! The experiment must go on! Stop recording!
Zinn's Recorder 11
*Zinn*: (sigh) My terraformer isn't strong enough, but I have a brilliant plan. The druids will help me. Like it or not.
*Zinn*: They give off delectable nature magic, the kind I need to take my experiment to the next level.
*Zinn*: I've begun siphoning it off them—a small sacrifice for the advancement of magiscience. It won't kill them immediately.
Zinn's Recorder 12
*Zinn*: Greetings, druids. You need look no further. Your friends are our guests. I can imagine your concern.
*Zinn*: They are helping with an experiment, so you can turn around and go back where you came from. Nice seeing you.
*Druid*: Who are you? What are you doing?
*Zinn*: They call me "The Zinnsational Zinn" for a reason. You may call me "sir." Golems, please shoo our visitors away.
*Druid*: We will find them. We see you.
*Zinn*: And I see through you. You don't have the power to stop me. Go, before I have you all destroyed. Bye, now!
Zinn's Recorder 13
*Zinn*: I humbly announce that our garden is a success! The time has come to move on to Phase Three.
*Zinn*: First thing tomorrow, I will terraform the entire cavern. The schedule has been posted.
*Zinn*: Oh, by the way, I do not recommend getting in front of the beam. It has had...unexpected effects on living creatures.
Zinn's Recorder 14
*Zinn*: This is history in the making! Our enemies think they can chase us out of our home.
*Zinn*: Nay! Today, we bring our Rata Arcanum to life, our final home! Never again will anyone exile us from... Errrrkkk.
*Assistant Tiink*: It's the druids! They're back! And there's more of them!
*Assistant Alli*: They killed Zinn! Noooo! Bleh...
*Assistant Ylarr*: Aiieeee! Ugh!
*Assistant Tiink*: Run...arghhh.

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