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Basic Collections

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Basic Collections is a category of Collections achievements.


Basic Collections.png
Basic Collections (Collections)
Total achievements: 75 Central Tyria mastery point 373Achievement points


Unlocking collections[edit]

There are three ways to unlock collections:

  • Unlocked and visible: these collections are automatically unlocked.
  • Hidden: these collections are automatically unlocked, but hidden from view until the player binds or consumes at least one of the required items within the collection.
  • Locked: players cannot add to these collections until they have unlocked them by acquiring a specific item:

List of collections unlocked by an item[edit]

Collection Unlocked by Source
Bandit Weapons Specialist Memoirs of Captain Greywind.png Bandit Combat Journal Bandit Crest collectors in The Silverwastes
Brewmaster Adept's Training Manual.png Observational Zymology Manual Bartenders
Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Club Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Membership.png Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Membership Master Brewer Desch in Eldvin Monastery
Fine Wining Book (purple).png Vintner's Guide Gastronome Plikk in Rata Sum
Grawl Archaeological Study Grawl Paw.png Grawl Paw Rare drop from grawl
Hylek Historian Hylek Tongue.png Hylek Tongue Rare drop from hylek
Koutalophile Collectible Spoon Box.png Collectible Spoon Box Legendary Collector Youngblood in Lion's Arch
Krait Antiquarianism Study Krait Scale.png Krait Scale Rare drop from krait
Ogre Expert Ogre Tooth.png Ogre Tooth Rare drop from ogres
Priory's History Operative's Creed.png Priory Equipment Guide Bought from Priory weapon and armor merchants in Durmand Priory
Vigil's Honor Operative's Creed.png Vigil Equipment Guide Bought from Vigil weapon and armor merchants in Vigil Headquarters
Whisper's Secret Operative's Creed.png Order of Whispers Equipment Guide Bought from Order of Whispers weapon and armor merchants in the Chantry of Secrets