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This page is a collection of tips submitted by players.

What is the Fastest Way to ...?[edit]

Ask 100 different players and you are likely to get 100 different answers because there are so many ways to succeed. However, there are a few highlights that most agree upon, presented in no particular order:

Mastery Level-up
  • To raise mastery level, you need to collect Mastery Points. Low level masteries require small amounts of Mastery Points but higher levels will need much more.
  • In Central Tyria Mastery Points can be obtained from Mastery Insights or by completing specific Achievements which have red Mastery icon after them.
  • Heart of Maguuma Mastery Points requires Heart of Thorns expansion and can simply be collected around the Heart of Maguuma maps (similary to hero points) & like in Central Tyria earn them by completing specific achievments which in this case have green Mastery icon after them.
  • Similarly, Crystal Desert Mastery Points Path of Fire expansion and can be obtained throughout game-play, achievements (purple icon) and map exploration.
WvW Level-up
Get Rich
  • Completing daily achievements doubles your reward for different activities each day.
  • Get equipment from personal story and loot drops rather than buying from merchants or at trading post until reaching level 80.
  • Trading Post if you buy low, sell high and are patient.
  • Selling gathered resources on Trading Post.
  • Beginning at level 15, World bosses appear on a regular schedule and at level 30, do Dungeons.
  • At level 80, Champion farming, Lost bandit chest train and Fractals.
  • Doing Meta event's such as the Battle in Tarir event in Auric Basin also gives a lot of rares and exotics in chests, which can be salvaged for ectos or sold.
Get Trinkets

Trinkets may represent up to 40% of your power. Upgrade them. The earliest they are available:

Get more / larger bags
  • Bag space is at a premium at low levels, but most guilds have high level players that will happily gift lower level members unneeded bags when asked courteously. However, begging for gold is considered rude by most.
  • Also, start buying 20-slot bags from the Trading Post at Level 80.
  • Path of Fire introduced larger bags (up to 32-slot).
Level 2nd Character

If you have one high-level character then leveling up of another is easier.

Items, drops, and vendors[edit]

  • When at a vendor, you have the option "sell junk" in your bags (in the bottom right), it will automatically sell all useless (junk rarity) non-salvageable items that are not in Invisible bags, which stop items from showing up on the sell interface.
  • Jute drops reliably from bandits and skritt. It is also easily salvageable from low level cloth gear.
  • The price in the lower right-hand corner of an item's tool-tip is what a vendor will pay you for it.
  • When you go to a merchant to sell, you don't have to use the merchant's window to sell. You can go to your inventory bags and right-click the items you wish to sell individually.
    • You do, however, need to have the merchant's "Sell" interface open or this option will not appear.
  • The Mystic Forge is a unique mechanism that can take several combinations of items to produce new ones. Throwing four items of the same rarity will usually produce a new item of the same, or greater, rarity, and higher level than the average of the combined items.
    • See the Mystic Forge page for a more in-depth list of recipes.

Bag Management[edit]

Primary article: bag
  • Press the Options Menu Bar icon.png cog icon in the top right corner of your inventory, to open a drop down menu with which you can press "Deposit all collectibles" to put all crafting materials into the bank (which later can be accessed from the crafting interface from a crafting station).
  • Press hide/show bags to hide the names of the individual bags, to make it appear as one bag instead of separate bags.
  • To split a stack you drag the stack to another slot while holding down the Alt key. You will get a pop-up in which you can enter the number of items to split.
  • You can move your bags around to organize your inventory easily. Just drag your current bags into different slots. Items within the moved bag will remain.
  • Certain types of bags have useful special features.
  • To upgrade your bags, simply drag the new (bigger) bag over the smaller bag. Any items inside the previous bag will automatically transfer to the new bag.
  • You may add new bag slots for individual characters by purchasing a Bag Slot Expansion.
  • You may get a Free (almost) 20-Slot Bag

Gathering, salvaging, recipes, and crafting[edit]

  • Purchase your gathering items as soon as possible. A pick, an axe, and a sickle only cost a few coppers each and allow you to loot resource nodes.
  • You don't need the bank to access your bank items. Any crafting station functions as a bank, too.
  • You can do every single crafting profession in the game. You can have two active at a time. It is possible to acquire Additional Crafting Licenses from the Gem Store.
  • It costs some coin to switch them out and the fee depends on crafting discipline level. You don't lose the recipes you have when you switch. To save money, it is therefore cheaper to create a total of 4 different characters, maxing two disciplines per character to avoid this fee altogether.
  • Try not to pass up on a harvesting spot. It takes a few seconds, it's free experience, and you never know if you'll want to take up a discipline that uses it later. You can also sell the materials at the trading post. Mid-level materials are especially valuable as fewer people visit mid-level zones.
  • When you start crafting, be absolutely sure to discover recipes that your materials allow after mass-producing one item. When a refinement is new to a crafting level, it generates a lot of experience, whereas in later stages this experience is minimal. At that point discoveries of levels close to your current level will progress the discipline's level a lot faster than refinement will.
  • You can craft bags that will make their contents invisible to vendors, will not allow their crafting materials to be deposited via the cog icon, and will not be affected by automatic sorting when you use "compact" to push your items into the first available slots. If you have trouble with accidentally selling gear that you actually want to use, get yourself one of those bags to avoid these minor frustrations. Also remember that every vendor has a buy-back option, which will contain all the items you have sold to a vendor within the zone, as long as you don't log out, change characters, zone out, or change map instance.
  • Better salvage kits give you a chance to get the runes or sigils on DMasterwork and higher quality gear, including ERare, FExotic, and HLegendary. It is not possible to salvage GAscended materials without an ascended salvage kit. CFine and BBasic items are more abundant and can serve was quick salvage items or sold in bulk to merchants if the resulting materials are not desirable.
    • Refer to the trading post if you want to see which materials are worth the most and least.

Chat, emotes, and chat commands[edit]

  • Type in "/wiki" to open the official Guild Wars 2 wiki. You can also search the wiki from the in-game chat directly. Type "/wiki (whatever you're looking for)" to browse directly to the article you might be looking for. Per example: "/wiki condition damage" will bring up the article Condition Damage. Also note that many Guild Wars 2 wiki articles may be case sensitive.
  • Type "/age" to see how much time you have invested in your current character, and into your account.
  • You can "/kneel" in front of certain statues and idols to receive the assorted effect.
  • You can synchronize your emote with others by typing the desired emote followed by a space and an asterisk ( *). Ex "/dance *". See emote for more info.
  • You can direct your emotes at your current target by adding a space and an at sign ( @) at the end of it. Ex. "/point @".
  • Remember that you can always report a bug using /bug command.

Leveling, hearts, and dynamic events[edit]

  • After you finish a
    Complete heart (map icon).png
    Renown Heart, go to the
    Complete heart (map icon).png
    's NPC and check their wares. Some of these NPCs might be able to sell you items you need (especially accessories), items with better stats than others (like Modniir weapons), items with unique skins, or even items that allow you to use mechanics your profession is not able to use.
  • Avoid to walk away as soon as you've completed a dynamic event. Try to talk to the NPCs around you and try to follow any of the conversations NPC's may have. There may just be one or more events coming up that were accessed by completing the previous one.
  • If you find yourself in an area with enemies that are too difficult for you to take on alone, but you've done all the other events in that zone, you will likely have a more pleasant experience by travelling to the other races' areas. You get scaled down to match the levels in those zones and can do all of their renown hearts and events, while still earning experience and items to match your own level! Do note that event rewards are appropriate for the level of the event, unless the event is more than 30 levels below your character's actual level, in which case you will receive rewards for that level (a level 70 character in a level 25 event will receive a level 30 reward for the level 25 event).
  • Usually you don't need to be nearby when an event ends in order to get credit for it. However, you do need to be in the same zone. Leaving the zone cancels your participation, even if it was a disconnect or client crash.
  • Stick around after a dynamic event, certain NPCs may turn into karma vendors or regular vendors, just like renown heart NPCs turn into karma vendors.
  • If you want to level up faster, you can try crafting. It is currently the fastest known method to gain experience, assuming you have access to required material. Each crafting discipline leveled from 0 to 400 will give 7 actual levels for your character, disregarding starting level. The best experience yield is thus at level 73, which means you will have hit level 80 after you progressed a discipline from 0 to 400 (or sooner, in the event of bonus experience).
  • Farming is subjected to diminishing returns. This means farming the same monsters or events will start to generate less and less items as time goes on. This is due an anti-farm code. See also Anti-farm code on the Guild Wars (1) wiki for more information.
  • For dynamic events, it is advised to use as much area of effect damage as possible. Damaging multiple enemies sufficiently will allow for more chances of loot.

Combat and abilities[edit]

  • There's an option "Melee Attack Assist" that prohibits you from walking through enemies (this makes it easier to stay in melee range). It might be better to turn it off, depending on your preference.
  • The very first skill on your skill bar is your default auto-attack. This means your character will use the skill on cooldown (the first weapon skills do not have a cooldown). Most skills can be designated as your auto-attack, but will still respect their individual cooldowns before activating again. You can swap your auto-attack skill by holding Ctrl and right-clicking its icon.
  • If you're being chased by a ranged enemy, you can use another enemy (a neutral one (these have yellow names) like a boar would work well) to obstruct the projectiles. This will anger the neutral monster towards the enemy attacking it, which causes a fight between the two. This lets you escape more easily.
  • There is a range indicator on your skills. There's a red bar below the skill if you're out of range.
  • When you're downed, try to select a target with low health (you can also use the Tab key to shuffle through available targets in your field of vision), as it'll give you a better chance of rallying before you are defeated. Don't spam your dodge, as you will have 1 second of invulnerability whenever you rally or are resurrected. You want to avoid incoming damage at all costs until your healing skill is off of its cooldown. If you happen to be defeated, don't immediately travel to a waypoint, either. Waypoints cost you coin, and other players can still revive you. If the area's busy it might be quicker to wait for someone to come along than to walk back from the waypoint.
    • However, during WvW or difficult boss fights and events, you will notice a lack of players resurrecting you. This means that they expect you to either wait the end of the battle or waypoint (reviving from defeated state is long and basically neutralizes another player, and in most cases will cause the reviver to get downed/defeated himself as both players and AI react aggressively to reviving).
  • Holding down the Ctrl key + clicking an enemy will call them out to your group, putting a targeting reticle over their head. If someone else calls a target, T will target that enemy so your team can focus on particular enemies first. This feature is usable even without a group.
  • When fighting a champion or other strong enemy, a good strategy is to hit some of the enemies nearby, bringing them to low enough health for easier rallying when you are downed. Similarly, when fighting in a group and you see someone near you who is downed, killing a monster they have hit before will also rally these downed players. This ensures both the rally and the damage that would've been lost if all players had started to rally this downed player directly.
    • In WvW fights, focusing on defeating downed enemies can both ensure that your downed allies will rally and that these enemies will not; provided you do not get yourself downed in the process.


  • The trebuchet in the Battle of Kyhlo is strong. It deals about 9-11k area of effect damage and you can reach it from the start of the match, shooting before enemies take their first base (windmill/mansion).
    • You are most vulnerable while using the trebuchet. Keep an eye on your surroundings.
    • A lot of the map is destructible. The trebuchet can clear away much of the surrounding area and open new paths.
  • The Skyhammer Cannon on Skyhammer is a key target in controlling the map, due to its massive damage capabilities. The cannon is pivotal in team fights.
  • You can access the Heart of the Mists from anywhere by clicking the two crossed swords icon in the top left of your UI, then clicking "Enter Heart of the Mists." in the menu that appears.

User interface and keybindings[edit]

  • When playing on a foreign client you can instantly translate any game-text into English by pressing the right-hand Ctrl key.
  • You can adjust your mouse turning speed with the slider in the general options (first or default tab in the options menu). Adjust your camera rotation speed to very high to remove any sluggish experience when you turn your camera.
  • There are no mail boxes. You can send items away with a right-click, and collect them through the mail icon in the top left of your UI.
  • You don't need to go to the trading post NPC unless you are picking up bought items or coin. You can sell items, browse the trading post, and buy items from anywhere by pressing the O key.
  • Hold Alt and click any spot on your map to place a personal waypoint. Alt-click it again to remove it.
  • Hold shift and click on the map to ping points for teammates or draw lines on the minimap like you did in Guild Wars.
  • You can turn the default double tapping of movement keys to dodge off when you want to do a jumping puzzle. You can also bind dodge to a key if you want, which can make it feel more natural when you use it, since you won't have to pick up the key you're using to move.
  • Holding down the Ctrl key highlights all enemies (including friendly and neutral enemies, and gather nodes) in the direction you are facing.
  • It is suggested to turn on autoloot in the options. This will skip the loot window when looting items, and will place all the items directly into your inventory (unless your inventory is full, which will trigger a loot window). If you don't like autoloot you can press F twice and it will pick everything up (that way you wont miss any upgrades and always know what you have picked up, without checking the icons to the right-hand side).
  • You can even bind a key to AoE loot on keyboard settings, with this you can loot all mobs within your AoE with just a key and without having to walk near the mobs in order to loot. Very useful in big and rushed events with several mobs, like Ulgoth per example.
  • You can switch the A key and D key with the Q key and E key respectively to allow for easier strafing (if you prefer). You can also use the default settings and hold down the right mouse button to strafe with A and D.
  • You can dye your armor in your hero panel by clicking the pipet (dropper) icon for free. The more dyes you unlock, the more color options you will have. Dyes are activated per account.


  • You can travel to every racial capital from Lion's Arch, by using the associated asura gate.
  • If you need to travel to a city, or even just outside one, and wish to spend as little as possible, you can do so by traveling through the Heart of the Mists or a World versus World map. Each of these maps has an asura gate leading to Lion's Arch, from which you can take another gate to each of the racial capitals.
    • Heart of the Mists is accessed by opening the PvP window (click the crossed-swords icon in the top-left menu), then clicking "Go to the Heart of the Mists."
    • World versus World is accessed by opening the WvW window (shortcut key B or click the tower icon in the top-left menu) and selecting Eternal Battlegrounds or one of the borderlands. Note that these maps often have a queue for entry.
  • Exploring a zone in full may allow you to encounter special areas you would have missed otherwise. Often these areas include jumping puzzles, achievements, and events.
  • Finishing any non-city zone (100% completion in that zone) rewards you with 2 pieces of equipment, crafting materials, and Transmutation Stones, scaled to meet the maximum level of the zone. Note that this equipment disregards your profession.


  • You can edit your own music into the game and have it play during different times as explained here.
  • Using waypoint within a city is free.
  • The higher your level, the more expensive waypoints are. Waypoints also come with a base travel fee (as high as 1 Silver coin 39 Copper coin at level 80).
  • You can have two different type of nourishment effects simultaneously (the icons are different). These effects persist in defeated state.
  • You can reset your traits, any time you are out of combat, for free in your Hero Panel.
  • You can walk in Guild Wars 2. Go to options and click the tab Control Options (mouse icon). In the movement section (the first section), you can assign any unused key to "Walk" to toggle walking.
  • NPCs are usually affected by boons you inflict on them, such as swiftness to improve their movement speed.