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Searching the wiki[edit]

The quickest way to find information in Guild Wars 2 Wiki is to look it up directly. On the left-hand side of your screen there is a Search box with two buttons under it labeled "Go" and "Search".

Put your keyword in the searchbox.
  • Go - (or Enter on keyboard) will take you automatically to the article, if it exists.
  • Search - will search the text of all pages on the wiki (with some restrictions, see below).

If you clicked 'search', or you clicked 'go' and the page you were looking for did not exist, you will be presented with a list of articles that matched your search criteria (or a message that no matches were found).

If there were no results matching your search criteria, you can use the opportunity to follow the red link and create an article.

How the search works[edit]

  • Search is case-insensitive, so "Trahearne", "TRAHEARNE", and "trahEARNE" all return the same results.
    • However, if the case matches the exact title of a page and you use "Go", then the browser will navigate to that page instead of the search results.
  • Even if you enclose a phrase in quotes, the search looks for each word individually. e.g. if you enter "world war 2" it will return pages that contain "world" and "war" and "2".
  • The article content is searched in its raw (wikitext) form - i.e. it searches the text that appears in the edit box when you click 'edit', not the rendered page. This means that content coming from an included template will not be picked up, but the target of piped links will be.

Restricting the search[edit]

  • At the top of the search results, there are 4 options that can be used to restrict the search results:
    • Content pages: only searches the main wiki pages (default)
    • Multimedia: only searches file names
    • Everything: searches in all namespaces without restriction
    • Advanced: you can select which namespace to search in. Logged-in users can save their selection to be used automatically for future searches.

Searching the wiki from ingame[edit]

  • The wiki can be searched from ingame by entering /wiki into the chat, followed by a text search term, or a shift-click generated chatlink.
  • If the client is not set to English, then the game adds a language prefix to the wiki search, e.g. if the client is set to French, after typing /wiki, the client automatically inserts the language prefix, e.g. /wiki fr:.
    • To avoid searching the french wiki, the language prefix will need to be deleted from the chat window.


Only the Main and Special namespaces have autocompletion in the search box.
  • Logged in users that use the Vector wiki skin will have a slightly different search box, with only one button, equivalent to the Go button. Their search box appears in the top right corner of the screen.

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