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Disambig icon.png This article is about the service provided by NPCs in major cities. For the boon that improves speed, see Swiftness.

Speed Boon.pngSpeed boons are a service provided by certain NPCs in major cities, who grant an effect similar to the swiftness boon. They will typically ask a question that has a ferocious, charming, or dignified answer; once selected, no matter which option, the speed boon is applied for the next 5 minutes, or until the player enters a new zone.


City Area/Point of Interest Nearest Waypoint NPC Speed boon
Black Citadel Imperator's Core Imperator's Waypoint Vitas Quickeye Double Time!
Black Citadel Ruins of Rin Ruins of Rin Waypoint Cita Commandheart Digging Deep
Black Citadel Storm Caller Triumph Junker's Waypoint Velox Windblade Inspired by Victory
Black Citadel The Bane Bane Waypoint Neris Trackstraight Whipped Into Shape
Divinity's Reach Plaza of Balthazar
Shrine of the Six
Balthazar Waypoint
Palace Waypoint
Priest of Balthazar Blessing of Balthazar
Divinity's Reach Plaza of Dwayna
Shrine of the Six
Dwayna Waypoint
Palace Waypoint
Priestess of Dwayna Blessing of Dwayna
Divinity's Reach Plaza of Grenth
Shrine of the Six
Grenth Waypoint
Palace Waypoint
Priest of Grenth Blessing of Grenth
Divinity's Reach Plaza of Kormir
Shrine of the Six
Kormir Waypoint
Palace Waypoint
Priestess of Kormir Blessing of Kormir
Divinity's Reach Plaza of Lyssa Lyssa Waypoint Priest of Lyssa Blessing of Lyssa
Divinity's Reach Plaza of Melandru Melandru Waypoint Priest of Melandru Blessing of Melandru
Divinity's Reach Shrine of the Six Palace Waypoint Priestess of Lyssa Blessing of Lyssa
Divinity's Reach Shrine of the Six Palace Waypoint Priestess of Melandru Blessing of Melandru
Hoelbrak Lake Mourn Hero's Compass Waypoint Falin Gusting Flurry
Hoelbrak Master Blackforge's Steading Shelter Rock Waypoint Rusa Jonidottir Bear's Rush
Hoelbrak Old Fiach's Lorestead Eastern Watchpost Waypoint Torn the Avalanche Wolf's Lope
Hoelbrak Raven Lodge Raven Waypoint Astig the Wise Raven's Wings
Hoelbrak Snow Leopard Lodge Snow Leopard Waypoint Vaxela of the Leopard's Walk Leopard's Grace
Hoelbrak The Great Lodge Great Lodge Waypoint Vask the Brazen Flight from Jormag
Lion's Arch Farshore Ward Farshore Ward Waypoint Tourist City Travel
Lion's Arch Fort Marriner Fort Marriner Waypoint Lionguard City Travel
Lion's Arch Postern Ward
Trader's Forum
Postern Ward Waypoint
Trader's Forum Waypoint
Villager City Travel
Lion's Arch Western Ward Western Ward Waypoint Skritt Forager City Travel
Lion's Arch White Crane Terrace Diverse Ledges Waypoint Priory Explorer City Travel
Rata Sum Peacemakers Headquarters Research Waypoint Peacemaker Iujja Chop Chop
Rata Sum Antidawn Anchorage Port Waypoint Captain Habb Swiftness
The Grove Up/Down Ramp Paths (various) Nectar Plants Nectar of Speed


If the player attempts to interact with certain speed boon NPCs after obtaining their boon, dialogue responses will fail to appear if the remaining time on the boon is less than 40 seconds.