Moran Memorial

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Moran Memorial

Point of Interest
Sanctum Harbor
(Lion's Arch)
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Interactive map

Moran Memorial as it originally stood, before the destruction of Lion's Arch in 1327 AE

The Moran Memorial is a tall marker stone placed on the beach just past the docks. It is carved in the shape of a lighthouse, and on the northwest side, the pillar has been inscribed with Osh Moran's name in shining gold. In the years following his death, more names were added to the column, commemorating the brave men and women who had given their lives for Lion's Arch.

In 1327 AE, during the attack on Lion's Arch, the stone's upper half was destroyed and the bottom base was partially flooded with water.


Prior to its destruction, the various slabs contained variations (both by cut-outs, in size, proportions and even mirrored) of the three following text pieces: