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Spider Nest (hero challenge)

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Spider Nest

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Wyvern Scar
(Dragon's Stand)
Hero challenge
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Route from the Southern Forward Camp Waypoint

A Spider Nest can be found in Wyvern Scar, guarded by spiders drawn to its ley-energy.


Heart of Maguuma


Ever-present ley energy has made the spiders here dangerously powerful.
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Commune with this place of power.
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Leave it alone.


  • This hero challenge was previously only available after the Mouth of Mordremoth has been defeated. With the April 19, 2016 update, this hero challenge is now available at any time.
  • Ley Line Gliding is required in order to reach the plateau where the nest is located.
    • Alternatively using the
      Waypoint (tango icon).png
       Southern Advance Camp Waypoint, and a bouncing mushroom, it is possible to glide over to the top of this area.
    • The other alternative is using a springer and Bond of Faith, while at the peak of the springer jump.