Raven Shaman's Power Source

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Raven Shaman's Power Source

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The hero challenge is located inside a cave, to the north.

The Raven Shaman's Power Source is carefully tucked away in an upper cavern of Darkhoof Heights. The entrance is to the west side of the centaur village (see map in the side bar). The event Slay the evil Raven shaman, Vilnia Shadowsong, and her helper must be completed to access the hero point.

Getting there[edit]

Fight one or two Ice Imps at the entrance. Once inside, stay left to find a series of jumps up a stone ledge (rather than go after the veteran Imp on the right.)

From there follow the ledge to the back and into the grotto where Vilnia Shadowsong resides.

Note that you can't just run/stealth past Vilnia to get to the area with the hero point; it's blocked off until you kill her.


This must be the source of the Raven Shaman's power. The very air vibrates with energy that raises the hair at the nape of one's neck.
Hero point empty.pngTalk more option tango.png Commune with this place of power.
Hero point.pngTalk end option tango.png You've gained all you can from this place of power.


Many players consider Vilnia Shadowsong extremely tough, especially solo, for her apparent level. Consider bringing a friend.

Several things to realize:

  • Apparently, Vilnia will split into two "ghost" images and summon a couple of raven ghosts, too. You have to kill these, THEN you have to kill Vilnia a third time. She can respawn the raven ghosts, but the two ghost Vilnias won't respawn quickly.
  • The hero point area has a one-way portal which will return you to just outside the entrance to the cave.
  • It is possible to start the fight, die, return to the nearest way point and resume the fight. Enemies will heal, but defeated ghosts will not immediately respawn if you can defeat them on a previous attempt, making subsequent trials simpler.