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Exalted Pylon

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Exalted Pylon

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Rooted Copse
(Dragon's Stand)
Hero challenge
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Route from Northern Advance Camp Waypoint.

Interactive map

Near the north lane in Dragon's Stand is an abandoned set of Exalted ruins that has been overtaken by the jungle. A pylon still stands among the ruins, however, full of power. Communing with this place of power will net the player 10 hero points.

Getting there[edit]

Jump and glide down into the hole west of the Waypoint (map icon).png Northern Advance Camp Waypoint until you reach the bottom. Enter the chamber with the Exalted Pylon (the hero challenge is on top of it), and enter the passageway behind it, which contains ooze. At the end of the corridor is an updraft, use this, followed the bouncing mushroom halfway up the shaft, to reach the top level. Head east and then drop down onto the hero point while trying to avoid the various saurians trying to kill you.


Before completion
Hero point empty.png This pylon is a nexus of Exalted power.
Talk more option tango.png Commune with this place of power.
After completion
Hero point.png This pylon is a nexus of Exalted power.
Talk end option tango.png Leave it alone.


  • This hero point was previously only available after the Mouth of Mordremoth had been defeated. With the April 19, 2016 update, this Hero Challenge is now available at any time.