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Cliffside Ruins

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Cliffside Ruins

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Broken Bluffs
(Verdant Brink)
Hero challenge
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Route from Mellaggan's Valor Waypoint

The Cliffside Ruins Hero Challenge in Broken Bluffs offers a view of the Precarious Ruin in The Doomteeth.

Getting there[edit]

To get there with only Glider Basics, walk up the ramps to reach the top of the cliff above the hero challenge, then drop and glide into the alcove.

Easiest way to approach it is to glide to it with updrafts from the exit of Lost Precipice.


Leyline energy is seeping up from the depths.
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Talk more option tango.png
Commune with this place of power.
Hero point.png
Talk end option tango.png
You've gained all you can from this place of power.