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Jellyfish Grotto

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Jellyfish Grotto

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Deeproot Sink
(Tangled Depths)
Hero challenge
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Route from Dragon's Passage Waypoint

Interactive map (Depths)

Deep in the murky, water-filled tunnels underneath Tangled Depths await many aggressive fish and creatures for unwary adventurers. Players can carry an Exalted Beacon crystal through the water to inflict Fear upon aggressive creatures who come too close and make themselves immune to the piranha infested water. Commune with the Jellyfish Grotto at the tunnel's deepest point to complete the challenge.

Getting there[edit]

The jellyfish grotto is closest to the Dragon's Passage Waypoint. To go via this route you will however need at least Bouncing Mushrooms and Glider Basics. Alternatively, you can swim from any of the other pool entry points around the map - the next closest is beneath Rata Novus, however this is much further away. Additional entry points can be found at the SCAR lane, the lake beneath Teku Nuhoch (needs poison mastery), and the Chak Hatchery (needs poison mastery).

Once in the water, swim to the challenge using the Exalted Crystals to ward off the marine life that will try to attack you while you commune.


Before completion
Hero point empty.png Jellyfish are strange and mysterious creatures. It's rumored that some can live forever.
Talk more option tango.png Commune with this place of power.
After completion
Hero point.png Jellyfish are strange and mysterious creatures. It's rumored that some can live forever.
Talk end option tango.png Leave it alone.


  • Exalted Markings mastery is required to pass through the tunnels and pick up the beacons. The Exalted Beacon mechanic is very similar if not identical to the one found in the Aquatic Ruins Fractal's deep path; they function akin to the Luminous Plants. As long as the player is holding a beacon, or near a party-member who is holding one, communing will be very easy.