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Tower of Nightmares (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Living World achievement category. For other uses, see Tower of Nightmares.

Tower of Nightmares is a Living World achievement category for the Tower of Nightmares release.

Tower of Nightmares achievement locations

Tower of Nightmares.png
Tower of Nightmares (Story Journal)
Total achievements: 32 117Achievement points


  1. ^ Toxic Alliance Slayer: Killing normal krait counts toward the achievement. Killing Toxic Spiders does not count.
  2. ^ Toxic Krait Transcriber: The Tower of Nightmares story (any step) must be active on the character before the dialogue option is available.
  3. ^ Toxic Spore Cleanser: Before the 2022 rerelease the achievement featured different text for description and tier description; the flavor text was removed.
  4. ^ Toxic Spore Sampler: You can also bring the Pristine Toxic Spore Samples to Sergeant Walters in The Tower of Nightmares lobby. Pristine Toxic Spore Samples need to be in your bag.


  • New achievements added in 2022: Tower of Nightmares Mastery, Awake and Allied, Environmental Protection, Fight at the Finish, Investigative Record 2, Investigative Study 4, Kraitmare Averted, Kraitmare Averted, Again, Making the Antitoxin, Nightmare Climber, Seeking Scarlet: Thaumanova Reactor, Seeking Scarlet: Twisted Marionette, The Nightmare Ends, The Nightmare Incarnate, The Nightmare Unveiled, The Tower of Nightmares, Tower Purifier, Tower Purifier 2, Tower of Treasures, Toxic Krait Transcriber