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Wyvern Nesting Grounds

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Wyvern Nesting Grounds

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Wyvern Cliffs
(Verdant Brink)
Hero challenge
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Route from the Pact Encampment Waypoint

Wyvern Nesting Grounds is a commune hero challenge in Wyvern Cliffs.

Getting there[edit]

Starting from the waypoint in Stonetwist Paths, head northeast out of the camp, then across the stone bridge. Take a right into the valley between the north and south cliffs. Climb the stone steps on the north cliffs, or use the bouncing mushroom, to reach the plateau at the top. The plateau has one Wyvern Hatchling, two Adolescent Electric Wyverns, and a single Adolescent Fire Wyvern. If you are not using stealth, then kill the hatchling and both electric wyverns before engaging the fire wyvern in combat. Once clear, commune with the hero challenge.


Countless generations of wyverns started life here. Some of their innate energy pulses in the air.
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Commune with this place of power.
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Leave it alone.