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Gilded River

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Gilded River

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Tangled Descent
(Tangled Depths)
Hero challenge
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Route from the Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint

Interactive map (Upper level)

High in the cliffs of Tangled Depths, a beautiful waterfall fuels the jungle's waters below. At its top is a commune point that will complete the Gilded River hero challenge upon interaction.

Getting there[edit]

Starting from the Waypoint (map icon).png Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint, head southeast. Climb the grassy bank to the right of the "Pact Pistol" on the ground, and then jump up onto the platform on the right. Facing southwest towards the tree trunk, glide over to it - it looks steep but you can land on it. Clamber up and then through the hole. Jump and glide at the exit to the hole - there is an updraft here which will carry you up. Use the other updrafts to continue towards the hero challenge. Watch out for the Mordrem Guard Sharpshooter standing to the right of the hero challenge, who may try to hit you on your way to it.

Alternatively, starting from the Waypoint (map icon).png Ogre Camp Waypoint, make your way up the Great Tree to Point of interest (map icon).png Arboreal Overlook (this involves some mushroom jumping and gliding, but the only tricky bit is a long glide to lower mushrooms where the short glide to nearby mushrooms is slightly out of reach). From there, glide west to the nearest updraft, and then south to the hero challenge.


Before completion
Hero point empty.png Specks of aurillium give the cascading waters here a golden hue.
Talk more option tango.png Commune with this place of power.
Talk end option tango.png Leave it alone.
After completion
Hero point.png Specks of aurillium give the cascading waters here a golden hue.
Talk end option tango.png You've gained all you can from this place of power.