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Skyward Reach

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Skyward Reach

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Skyward Reach map.jpg
Map of Skyward Reach

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Location within Elon Riverlands

Skyward Reach.jpg
Skyward Reach

Skyward Reach is a series of hills and canyons that surround Augury Rock, and is named after the tall mesa. Most Followers of Ascension can be found here, either at their camps or out accomplishing various tasks.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
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Help Follower Xunn collect Forgotten Glyphs for decoding (80)
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Augury's Shadow Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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First Camp
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Godslost Sandfalls
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Heroes' Overlook
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Scattered Remnants
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Second Camp
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Threefold Waylay
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Augury's Shadow
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Cave of the Lost
Hero Challenges
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Forgotten Shrine





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Follower Xunn
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Herder Tarrik
Bounty Board (map icon).png
Order of Shadows Agent
Merchant (map icon).png
Merchant (map icon).png
Merchant (map icon).png
Shady Dealer
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Merchant (map icon).png
Follower Lucius Anvilblade


Humans (Only during events)

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At First Camp
Zuberi: I wonder sometimes if bringing the children along was the right thing to do.
Tumelo: Joko separated us once. Remember?
Zuberi: How can I forget? If we discover how to Ascend, Joko will pay dearly.
Shady Dealer: Problems ascending? I’ve got the solution. Come see the miracle for yourself.
Near the portal to Crystal Oasis
Herder Tarrik: You! A quick word before you proceed. This is no place for the ill-prepared.
Follower Xunn: Golem! Why have you paused your decryption program?
Decrypt-r-Tron: Pausing—decryption—to—perform—necessary—maintenance.
Follower Xunn: What kind of necessary "maintenance"?
Decrypt-r-Tron: Removing—sand—from—all—nooks, crannies, and—other—hard—to—reach—places.
Decrypt-r-Tron: Maintenance—complete. Statement: much—better.
Follower Xunn: In the future, keep the details of your "necessary maintenance" to yourself.
Follower Xunn: Golem! Yet again, I must ask: why is this simple decryption task taking you so long?
Decrypt-r-Tron: Responding—to—incessant—queries—interrupts—decryption—progress.
Follower Xunn: Ah. So as usual, this is somehow my fault?
Decrypt-r-Tron: Please—clarify: is—that—another—query?
Follower Xunn: Decrypt-r-Tron, give me a current progress report.
Decrypt-r-Tron: Decryption—process—ongoing, but—still—incomplete. Partial—report—follows.
Decrypt-r-Tron: "Elder Dragons Will Retrun" by—Josso—Essher.
Decrypt-r-Tron: "Crystal Egg Care" by—the—Forgotten—Gate—Keeper.
Decrypt-r-Tron: "Flight of the Human Gods." Author—unknown.
Decrypt-r-Tron: "The Exalted Project." Translated—and—encrypted—by—Makk.
Follower Xunn: I need a long-lost ancient ritual, and you give me a summer reading list? Back to work!
Near Bounty Board
Order of Shadows Agent: Reports of creatures driven insane by ley energy are coming from all over. Are you going to help?
Order of Shadows Agent: A new bounty has been posted! Go look at the bounty boards.
Order of Shadows Agent: There isn't a single bounty available right now. Check back again later.
Order of Shadows Agent: A new threat has surfaced. An earth djinn is running amok.
Order of Shadows Agent: When a Branded hydra gets fired up by ley energy, you know you're in for a fight.
Order of Shadows Agent: Those tremors are the stomps of a ley-crazed giant. Who will face this colossal threat?
Order of Shadows Agent: A notorious Branded griffon is showing signs of ley infection. Feel like clipping its wings?
Order of Shadows Agent: I hear an angry norn is showing signs of ley enhancement. Go get 'em.
Order of Shadows Agent: Legendary Zehlon Ossa is enforcing a blockade beyond Prophet's Path.


Crafting resources[edit]

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