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Skyward Reach

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Skyward Reach

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Skyward Reach map.jpg
Map of Skyward Reach

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The dunes of Skyward Reach surround Augury Rock, where legend says the Chosen of Tyria once ascended.

Herder Tarrik

Skyward Reach is a series of hills and canyons that encircle Augury Rock, and is named after the tall mesa. Most Followers of Ascension can be found here, either at their camps or out accomplishing various tasks.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Help Follower Xunn collect Forgotten Glyphs for decoding (80)
Waypoint (map icon).png Augury's Shadow Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png First Camp
Point of interest (map icon).png Godslost Sandfalls
Point of interest (map icon).png Heroes' Overlook
Point of interest (map icon).png Scattered Remnants
Point of interest (map icon).png Second Camp
Point of interest (map icon).png Threefold Waylay
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png Forgotten Shrine
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (Path of Fire).png Descension
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Augury's Shadow
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Cave of the Lost



Ghosts (Part of the Ghostly Trio)


Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anvil
Renown Heart (map icon).png Follower Xunn
Scout (map icon).png Herder Tarrik
Bounty Board (map icon).png Order of Shadows Agent
Merchant (vendor icon).png Dalal
Merchant (vendor icon).png Emeka
Merchant (vendor icon).png Shady Dealer
Merchant (vendor icon).png Tumelo
Merchant (vendor icon).png Follower Lucius Anvilblade


Ambient creatures
Wind Rider

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Augury's Shadow
Flint: Why do we even care about Ascension? Charr don't believe in gods.
Follower Lucius Anvilblade: Ascension ain't about gods. Humans ascended centuries ago to defeat the lich. Weren't no gods part of that.
Flint: I guess...
Follower Lucius Anvilblade: Plus, Glint led folks towards Ascension, and dragons sure as shootin' ain't gods. Proves my point right there.
Flint: Lucius, I know you don't like to talk about it because you think I'm too young..
Follower Lucius Anvilblade: I've told you all I can remember about that.
Flint: I'm not just a snot-snouted farhar[sic] cub anymore. I stowed away to join the Anvil warband, remember?
Flint: I can handle the truth about what happened. Whatever it is.
Follower Lucius Anvilblade: I told you, the dragon caught us by surprise. We scattered. There was no battle to be waged.
Follower Lucius Anvilblade: It was every charr for himself, so I grabbed you, just started running, and didn't look back.
Follower Lucius Anvilblade: Not all death is noble and not all survival is cowardly. We survived and found our way here.
Follower Lucius Anvilblade: And we've got Kaidenna and the others. They're our warband now.
Flint: Why do we stay here? Why not just go back to the citadel?
Follower Lucius Anvilblade: This is our warband now. We stick by our warband.
Flint: But I miss the Black Citadel. I miss the flames, I miss the fumes, I miss the clanging...
Follower Lucius Anvilblade: You've got a fire pit full of flames right behind you, bunch of dolyaks wafting fumes just upwind...
Follower Lucius Anvilblade: And if you want clanging, just pick yourself up a rock and pound on something.
At First Camp
Zuberi: I wonder sometimes if bringing the children along was the right thing to do.
Tumelo: Joko separated us once. Remember?
Zuberi: How can I forget? If we discover how to Ascend, Joko will pay dearly.
Zuberi: How long will we stay here? Our twins are growing up in this camp. Is this what we want for them?
Tumelo: It's better than toiling in the gladefields, or living among the scum of Amnoon.
Tumelo: I know life's not easy here. But I don't want an easy life. I want a just one.
Zuberi: At least everyone here looks out for each other.
Shady Dealer: Problems ascending? I’ve got the solution. Come see the miracle for yourself.
Anaya: Mom! Dad! We're heading out to play!
Zuberi: Anaya! Bini! Don't stray too far from the camp.
Binyam: We're gonna play, and go through the Trials!
Tumelo: All right, dear. Stick together and be back by moonrise.
Binyam: Anaya, I wanna play Ascension. Can we, can we?
Anaya: Great idea. All right! First, we must pass the three trials before entering Augury Rock.
(The kids arrive at the first tent.)
Imani: Well, if it isn't Anaya and Binyam. What brings you here?
Anaya: We're playing Ascension! I'm Devona the warrior. Binyam is Aidan the ranger. He wanted to be Lo Sha, but we couldn't find a mask.
Binyam: You're a ghostly hero at the Temple of Ascension. We'll protect you from the Forgotten.
Imani: That's right. The Forgotten fought heroes who tried to ascend to test the humans' characters. So be careful!
Anaya: Here they come! Sever Artery! Gash! Galrath Slash! That got him.
Binyam: Here comes a siege wurm, and I'm on it! Lightning Reflexes! Ignite Arrows! Barrage!
Imani: You two made quick work of them. The gaze of the gods will shine on you!
Imani: Ah, to be young again.
Binyam: Now, we can reach Elona...from Elona Reach... Get it?
Anaya: Ha, ha. Very funny.
(The kids arrive at the second tent.)
Anaya: Hey, Emeka! We're playing Trials of Ascension. Is this Elona Reach?
Emeka: Why, yes it is. There's a vision crystal here with your name on it. Just bring it back.
Binyam: I'm gonna be Mhenlo this time. You carry the vision crystal and I'll protect you.
Anaya: Then I'm Cynn. You better protect me, or else I'll meteor storm you instead of the Forgotten!
Anaya: There's the crystal. Arggh, I'm crippled by a splinter mine! Help me, Mhenlo!
Binyam: Draw Conditions! Purge Signet! Get to the dais, I'll hold them off!
Emeka: Great job, kids—I mean, heroes. Here's one vision crystal, as promised.
Anaya: Thirsty River is the hardest Acension[sic] trial. Josso Essher is there, and he's a big scary Forgotten!
Binyam: I'm not scared. You're scared!
(The kids arrive at the third tent.)
Juma: Whoa, slow down, what's got you two so excited?
Binyam: We're not scared of you, Josso Essher! We'll beat the trial of Thirsty River!
Juma: Playing Ascension again? Well then! Forgotten, make sure they fail their trial! Muhaha!
Anaya: I'm Eve, and for every Forgotten who falls, one of my minions will rise. Aura of the Lich!
Binyam: I'm Mhenlo, and I'll keep them alive. Heal Area! Heal Party! Healing Seed!
Juma: Arrgh! By Glint herself, I can't possibly overcome these heroes!
Anaya: Yay, we defeated him! Now we can enter Augury Rock!
Juma: Say hello to your folks from me!
Anaya: Will do. Thanks!
(The kids return home.)
Tumelo: Look who's returned. How was your adventure?
Anaya: We're not done yet. We passed the trials, but we still have to enter Augury Rock.
Binyam: Then we can fight the evil doppelganger! Dum dum dummm!
Zuberi: Well, don't let us slow you down. Step on these three runes and Augury Rock will open.
(The kids step on the three carpets next to Zuberi in a specific order before entering the tent.)
Anaya: Okay, Nyala, you're the doppelganger and we're here to defeat you!
Nyala: Prepare yourselves. Any skills you can do, I can do too!
Anaya: I'm going to use Eve's necromancer skills!
Binyam: I'm Aidan the Ranger, and I'll lure you into my traps! Barbed Trap, Flame Trap, Spike Trap! Ha!
Nyala: Necro skills, Anaya? Duplicated! Blood is Power, Signet of Agony, Dark Pact! Oh, no!
Anaya: Ha, you fell for it! You sacrificed too much health, and now you're stuck in his spike trap! You're dead!
Nyala: Sigh, the doppelganger is defeated. Good work, kids. You are now Ascended!
Binyam: That was fun. Next time I'll be Little Thom the axe warrior!
Anaya: Deal, but only if I get to be Mhenlo the Monk. I don't care if he is a boy! I'll be a boy, too!
Near the portal to Crystal Oasis
Herder Tarrik: You! A quick word before you proceed. This is no place for the ill-prepared.
Follower Xunn: Golem! Why have you paused your decryption program?
Decrypt-r-Tron: Pausing—decryption—to—perform—necessary—maintenance.
Follower Xunn: What kind of necessary "maintenance"?
Decrypt-r-Tron: Removing—sand—from—all—nooks, crannies, and—other—hard—to—reach—places.
Decrypt-r-Tron: Maintenance—complete. Statement: much—better.
Follower Xunn: In the future, keep the details of your "necessary maintenance" to yourself.
Follower Xunn: Golem! Yet again, I must ask: why is this simple decryption task taking you so long?
Decrypt-r-Tron: Responding—to—incessant—queries—interrupts—decryption—progress.
Follower Xunn: Ah. So as usual, this is somehow my fault?
Decrypt-r-Tron: Please—clarify: is—that—another—query?
Follower Xunn: Decrypt-r-Tron, give me a current progress report.
Decrypt-r-Tron: Decryption—process—ongoing, but—still—incomplete. Partial—report—follows.
Decrypt-r-Tron: "Elder Dragons Will Retrun" by—Josso—Essher.
Decrypt-r-Tron: "Crystal Egg Care" by—the—Forgotten—Gate—Keeper.
Decrypt-r-Tron: "Flight of the Human Gods." Author—unknown.
Decrypt-r-Tron: "The Exalted Project." Translated—and—encrypted—by—Makk.
Follower Xunn: I need a long-lost ancient ritual, and you give me a summer reading list? Back to work!
Near Bounty Board
Order of Shadows Agent: Reports of creatures driven insane by ley energy are coming from all over. Are you going to help?
Order of Shadows Agent: A new bounty has been posted! Go look at the bounty boards.
Order of Shadows Agent: There isn't a single bounty available right now. Check back again later.
Order of Shadows Agent: A new threat has surfaced. An earth djinn is running amok.
Order of Shadows Agent: When a Branded hydra gets fired up by ley energy, you know you're in for a fight.
Order of Shadows Agent: Those tremors are the stomps of a ley-crazed giant. Who will face this colossal threat?
Order of Shadows Agent: A notorious Branded griffon is showing signs of ley infection. Feel like clipping its wings?
Order of Shadows Agent: I hear an angry norn is showing signs of ley enhancement. Go get 'em.
Order of Shadows Agent: Legendary Zehlon Ossa is enforcing a blockade beyond Prophet's Path.


Crafting resources[edit]

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Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Orichalcum Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Ancient Sapling
Wood resource (map icon).png Mebahya Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Cluster of Desert Herbs
Plant resource (map icon).png Desert Vegetables
Plant resource (map icon).png Flax
Plant resource (map icon).png Lentils