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Disambig icon.png This article is about the point of interest in Heart of the Mists. For the sPvP arenas, see structured PvP.


Point of Interest
Heart of the Mists
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The Arena is a point of interest in the Heart of the Mists. The area has free-for-all PvP enabled; players entering it may attack and be attacked by any other players present. The arena also has stands surrounding it, from which players can view the fights without participating themselves. Players with access to Champion's Rest have access to interactive consoles placed overlooking the arena that activate traps and hazards in the arena.


  • Killing players counts for PvP Achievements, including Dailies.
  • Once defeated, a player has to waypoint out of the arena.
  • Dropping from the nearby ledge returns the player back into the arena, without any health loss.
  • There are three consoles in the Champion's Rest area. A Wave Console, a Monster Console, and a Fire Console.
  • Gliding off the edge into the updrafts, or taking the door out of the arena will turn all players allies once more, however previous conditions will continue to tick on the player.