Skirmish Chest

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Skirmish Chest.png

Skirmish Chest

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

84966, 81324, 96536

Double-click to open.

— In-game description


  • Drops as part of each tier of the WvW Skirmish reward track
    • 2 chests at each completion of a non-repeatable major tier.
    • 1 chest at each completion of a minor tier or of a repeatable major tier.

Items offered[edit]

Item Cost
Superior Siege Blueprint Case.png Superior Siege Blueprint Case (2) Skirmish Chest
Improvement and Tactic Pack.png Improvement and Tactic Pack Skirmish Chest
Tricks and Traps Capsule.png Tricks and Traps Capsule Skirmish Chest
Canned Food Crate.png Canned Food Crate Skirmish Chest
WvW Siege Decoration Case.png WvW Siege Decoration Case Skirmish Chest
Unidentified Dye.png Unidentified Dye Skirmish Chest
Transmutation Charge (item).png Transmutation Charge Skirmish Chest
Badge of Honor (consumable).png Badge of Honor (20) Skirmish Chest
Testimony of Jade Heroics.png Testimony of Jade Heroics (6) Skirmish Chest