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Effect type
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The enemies greatly outnumber your forces, be careful out there!
+50% Participation
+20% Magic Find
+25% World Experience
Take no armor damage on death
Being killed by the enemy team will not grant War Score.

— In-game description

Outnumbered is an effect that is applied each scoring tick (every 5 minutes) in World versus World to players who were playing the entire previous tick on exactly one maps, when they are greatly outnumbered by enemy players on that map. It serves both as a warning as well as a compensation.


  • While this effect is active, the player will gain 5 extra pips towards their Skirmish reward track progress per tick.
  • Prior to the 9 July 2013 patch, this effect was known as Outmanned.
  • Prior to the 11 July 2017 patch, the effect Outnumbered was applied as soon as one server got outnumbered by an enemy server.