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Legendary back items are back items of Legendary rarity. There are currently three legendary back pieces: Ad Infinitum, The Ascension and Warbringer.

As with other legendary equipment, the Attribute combinations of legendary back pieces can be freely changed at any time the player is out of combat. They have two infusion slots and don't need to be further infused. All of these items are created through a mixture of crafting, finding, collecting and purchasing. Creation of the end item is a multi-step process which is completed using the Mystic Forge. While not time-gated, creating any of these items is a lengthy, time-consuming project. Once started, needed items can be obtained by any character on the account, and all of the created items are account bound.

Since the addition of the Legendary Armory, legendary back items can be transmuted freely, no longer consuming transmutation charges, and can equipped on all level 80 characters simultaneously.

List of legendary back items[edit]

Name Acquisition Related achievements Additional requirements
Ad Infinitum.pngAd Infinitum Fractals of the Mists Legendary Backpacks.png Legendary Backpacks Requires any expansion for masteries.
The Ascension.pngThe Ascension PvP League Legendary Backpacks.png Year of the Ascension Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV
Warbringer.pngWarbringer World versus World Requires the Commander's Compendium.


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