Guild Initiative Headquarters

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the modern point of interest. For the original version, see Lion's Shadow Inn.

Guild Initiative Headquarters

Point of Interest
Postern Ward
(Lion's Arch)
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Loading screen

Guild Initiative Headquarters.jpg
Guild Initiative Headquarters

Interactive map

When(sic) the Guild Initiative opens its doors in Lion’s Arch, we’ll have a welcoming NPC just outside the building. Upon one of your guild leaders speaking with that NPC, your guild will receive an exclusive guild hall decoration to commemorate your progress through the disciplines. If you’ve unlocked at least one, you’ll get a basic version, but there will be improved versions for those who were one-third and two-thirds through the total progression, as well as a special version for those guilds that managed to unlock all 24 research levels.

News: Rethinking Guilds

The Guild Initiative Headquarters is the HQ of the Guild Initiative. It is the hub for Guild services in Lion's Arch. While most services are found inside, a few services are located out front. In addition to the first floor main entrance/exit, there are additional portals on the second floor and the third floor.

On entry, you are prompted to select one of the Guilds you have joined. The default is the Guild currently represented. If another guild is selected then interaction with NPCs will be limited until you change representation.


Guild Initiative NPCs may appear and disappear depending on the current level of the guild that you are representing. The options offered will vary depending on your Guild permissions and whether your account has the Heart of Thorns expansion.

  • Rekka (Future Mine Proprietor - on 3rd floor)


Upgrades offered[edit]



  • In the room where Guild Hall Explorers can be found, next to the fireplace, there's a candle holder that can be used to open access to a 'secret' vault room. This room doesn't seem to have any purpose.