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Guild Treasury Panel

The Treasury is used to gather required items for Guild upgrades, view what has already been gathered and what remains. There is a single Treasury for the entire guild, which may be accessed via several Guild Initiative NPCs. Any Guild member may deposit one or more items into the Treasury. This may include items which are Account Bound and Soulbound.

NPCs providing Treasury access[edit]

Located in Guild Initiative Headquarters and guild halls.



Speak to one of the Guild Initiative NPCs that opens a Treasury panel. Items in your inventory eligible for deposit appear in the "Items to Donate" section. To deposit an item, either double-click or drag and drop one of these items into the open slot in the "Your Contribution" section. The item will disappear from the "Items to Donate" section and appear in the "Your Contribution" section indicating the number of items that will be donated. When you are ready, click the "Confirm" button to add everything from the "Your Contribution" section to the "Treasury" section below.


The "Treasure" section in the lower-right of the Treasury panel displays required items for Guild upgrades. There is a colored progress bar at the bottom of each item, which indicates increasing degrees of completion: red, yellow, dark-green, and light-green. Under this is the number of items that have been deposited.


Approximately at Guild Level 21, the Treasury collection shows a non-existing Guild Upgrade named 'Guild Hall Music: Central Tyrian Themes'. The asked for items can't be put into the Treasury, though, making this a completely visual issue.
  • Items may not be withdrawn from the Treasury.
  • A log of all deposits is kept with the "History" tab of the Guild panel.
  • You can only donate what is needed for available upgrades at the time. Any extra amount will stay in your inventory.