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Speak to bankers to see your Account Vault, where you can access your stored items with any character on your account.

— In-game description

The account vault is an account-wide storage for items, and can be used to exchange them between characters on the same account. It is accessed by speaking to a banker or by visiting any crafting station.


Visit bankers in cities and towns to deposit items and view your collectibles. Some items, like crafting materials, can be deposited from anywhere by right-clicking the item in your inventory and choosing Deposit Material.

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Bank Nav.png The Bank tab contains up to seventeen storage panes, each with 30 slots. Each account begins with one panel. Bank Tab Expansions cost 600 Gem each — you may click on the "lock" icon below the last storage pane to purchase as well. You can have up to 17 tabs in your bank, including the original tab. Bank tabs are labeled: Bank Tab 1 ... Bank Tab 17.

Deposit from inventory

In addition to the normal drag-and-drop method, when the bank panel is open, everything that goes into the bank can be deposited directly from your character's inventory into the first available bank slot by double-clicking the item on the left-side of the bank panel. Double-clicking the item in the inventory panel may cause it to be used instead of deposited. Double-clicking an item may also cause it to be used instead of stored if you have materials storage tab open by mistake instead of the bank tab.

If the item is stack-able and is already present in the bank then it will be added to the existing stack. If the maximum stack size is exceeded then the remainder will be deposited into the next available bank slot. Conversely, if a stack is double-clicked in the bank then it will be moved into the first available inventory slot. A stack may be split in either direction.

Material Storage[edit]

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Material Storage Nav.png The Material Storage tab holds up to 250 of each item. This capacity can be increased by purchasing up to 9 Storage Expanders, for a maximum of 2,500 items per stack. It contains space for:

Deposit from inventory

Everything that goes into the Material Storage can be deposited directly from your character's inventory, regardless of where you are in the world. There are two methods for doing this.

  • Right-click an individual item and select Deposit Material from the context menu to deposit only that item.
  • Click the Deposit All Materials button to deposit all materials in your inventory. There are two exceptions to this "deposit all" option:
    • All items in bags with the "invisible" property are ignored.
    • If the stack of an item in your material storage has reached the stack limit, that item will be ignored.

Wardrobe Storage[edit]

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Wardrobe Storage Nav.png Wardrobe Storage shows equipment skins, outfits, and miniatures. Unlocked items can be applied through the hero panel. Items still locked on the account are displayed as grayed out but can be previewed.


  • Additional storage may be accessed without using gems by creating a personal guild with a Guild Vault. The disadvantage is a guild vault cannot store bound items.
  • Soulbound items stored in the vault may be previewed or destroyed by any character on your account, but can only be withdrawn by the character they are bound to.
  • Crafting first draws materials from your inventory, then your bank, then from material storage last.
  • Prior to the September 2014 Feature Pack, the Material Storage tab was named Collectibles.
  • As per the September 2014 Feature Pack, miniatures are no longer stored in the Collectibles tab. Miniatures that were stored in the Collectibles before the update can be withdrawn, causing the slot to disappear when empty.
  • With the release of End of Dragons on February 28, 2022, the maximum Material Storage expansion has been increased to 2,500.