Expedition to the Gilded Hollow

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Expedition to the Gilded Hollow.png

Expedition to the Gilded Hollow

Guild Initiative Headquarters
Guild level
Guild Initiative Registration
Guild XP
150 Favor Favor
100 Gold coin

Travel to the Gilded Hollow entrance tunnel, located beneath the gold city at the center of the Auric Basin. Meet Kogga inside the hollow and clear the Mordrem infestation there to claim this guild hall.

— In-game description

Purchased from Kogga in the Guild Initiative Headquarters, this upgrade unlocks claiming access to the Gilded Hollow guild hall.


  • This upgrade does not require any materials, only Favor and Gold.
  • This upgrade allows a player to open an instance at the Gilded Hollow entrance tunnel in the lower city area of the Auric Basin, and allows the group to begin the Claim the Guild Hall meta event inside the instance.
    • Completing the four events then unlocks travel to the guild hall from the Guild panel button.