Guild Treasure Trove

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Guild Treasure Trove.png

Guild Treasure Trove

Guild Market
Guild level
Market Restoration 1
Guild Vault: Stash
Guild XP
1,500 Favor Favor
3,000 Aetherium Aetherium

Gain access to a 100-slot guild vault.

— In-game description

The Guild Treasure Trove increases the Guild Vault size by 100 slots from the 50 obtained with the Stash, for a total of 150 slots. Can be accessed by all guild members, with permissions set by the member rank.


  • This upgrade does not require any materials, only Aetherium and Favor.
  • Guilds that unlocked the Treasure Trove before the release of the Heart of Thorns expansion have this upgrade automatically unlocked for free.