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Claim the Guild Hall

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Claim the Guild Hall is the meta event which allows players to capture and claim their guild's Guild hall.

The scale of this event scales according to the amount of players present. A group of 5 or so players will only see one Maw event spawn at the time, while a bigger group might see multiple events occur simultaneously. Team coordination is imperative for this meta event to succeed.

If the 'air toxicity' bar fills up or the 'crystal's energy' gets completely drained, players will be kicked out of the instance and forced start over the meta.

Lost Precipice and Gilded Hollow[edit]

Map Events[edit]

  • Eliminate the Mordrem Threat to Claim the Area
  • Destroy the Maws to Weaken the Vine Walls
  • Time before Maws Release Toxins: 3:30
  • Mordrem Waves defeated: 0/5
  • Air Toxicity level
    Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Eliminate the Vinewrath Knights
  • Time to defeat vinewrath knights: 8:00

Event Chain[edit]

Windswept Haven[edit]

Map Events[edit]

  • Defeat the Awakened defilers.
  • Time Before the Corruption Takes Hold: 4:30
  • Waves defeated: 0/5
  • Crystal's Remaining Energy
    Event bar.jpg
  • Waves defeated: 0/5
  • Eliminate the Mordant Crescent.

Event Chain[edit]