Brawling Obstacle: Walls

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Brawling Obstacle- Walls.png

Brawling Obstacle: Walls

Guild Arena
Guild level
Arena Restoration 2
Guild XP
200 Favor Favor
2,000 Aetherium Aetherium

Add an obstacles coordinator to the arena, allowing players to enter the arena as a decorator and place walls.

— In-game description

Required materials


  • Unlocks Obstacle: Wall and Obstacle: Wide Wall.
  • Unlocks the Arena Obstacles Coordinator. Interacting with the Arena Obstacles Coordinator allows guild members with the Arena Decorator permission to place obstacles in the arena.
  • To Activate: Speak to the Arena Obstacles Coordinator. He’ll give two options: Place obstacles in the arena or Nothing right now. Thanks. Select Place obstacles in the arena. You’ll reappear in the arena with an orange cog over your head. Click on the 6 skill key - this will open the arena decorations window. Select the decoration you want from those available. The shovel will then appear on your 1 skill allowing you to place your decoration.