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Enchanted Armor

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Use enchanted armors to combat Mordremoth's champions.
Push, pull, and stun your foes while dealing damage.
Heal and resurrect allies.
Inflict stacks of vulnerability and weakness to make foes receive more damage and output significantly less damage.

— In-game description

Enchanted Armors are tools created by the Forgotten long ago. Previously used in the Crystal Desert, they have since been upgraded into what is seen nowadays in Auric Basin. They are used by Exalted and those they accept as allies to defend the city against invading Mordrem. The majority of the Enchanted Armors resemble the Exalted Bastions in appearance, though are much larger. Others resemble the Exalted Burnishers without masks, similarly much larger. Enchanted Armors can be worn as suits as well as being automated.


Heart of Maguuma


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Heavy Weight.png Heavy Weight 10.25¼ 2 Discharge energy to knock back your foes.
2 Pliable Shot.png Pliable Shot 0.75¾ 2 Shoot your foe with energy to inflict weakness and vulnerability.
3 Compulsion.png Compulsion 1 2 Pull a foe to your location.
4 Freezing Blast.png Freezing Blast 1 2 Freezes foe for 1 second.
5 Healing Burst.png Healing Burst 6 60 Heal yourself and nearby allies.
0 Return.png Relinquish Relinquish your enchanted armor.


When spawning at pylons
Beginning of Trial by Fire
"Awaiting the worthy."


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  • During Battle in Tarir, any unmanned armors are marked on the map by Enchanted Armor (map icon).png.
  • Gold Enchanted Armors can be gained as transformations during the Trial by Fire, by completing an event in first place. Silver Enchanted Armor transformations can be obtained by anyone at the same time, but has half health.
  • Enchanted Armor transformations disappear if you idle for 30 seconds. They can also disappear if you take them outside certain bounds - the armor will turn transparent and a message will be displayed near the boundary as a warning.
  • The enchanted armor has a /sleep and /bow animation.
  • Kills with Enchanted Armor count towards Hammer Master.