Wiley's Cove

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Wiley's Cove

Wiley's Cove map.jpg
Map of Wiley's Cove

Point of Interest
Newbeach Bluffs
(Gendarran Fields)
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Wiley's Cove.jpg

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Interactive map

Wiley's Cove is a shoreline cave that serves as the base of operations for Captain Wiley and his pirate crew within the Newbeach Bluffs. The largest opening is blocked by a pirate ship forming a small lake within the cavern, and the smaller cave mouth is well defended by pirates and cannons.

Getting there[edit]

The entrance to the cave is on the beach south of the point of interest, though it is also possible to swim under the ship that blocks the larger entrance.


  • There is a chest located behind Captain Wiley inside his tent on the left. Using the Bomb on the far left will make getting it easier.
    • An optional way to get chest is using the underwater entrance and entering behind the tents. The chest may be opened from behind the third tent without alerting any enemies.