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Brokka is an Order of Whispers agent and the adoptive mother of Leyah and Jordyn. She was an Aid Worker during the destruction of Lion's Arch. She is appearing sometimes at Farshore Waypoint then she walks accompanied by Leyah, Jordyn and Data Dog toward Tokk's Mill, after that she let the child play on bloodcoast ward before returning to the waypoint and leaving.



Historical location[edit]


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Upon arrived to the mill:

May we...and yes, you may. I'll be right here. Watch out for crabs.

Leyah is saying that Data Dog is hungry:

Oh he is, is he?
All right let's go home and get you-I mean Data Dog-some supper.

Before teleporting using the waypoint and leaving:

Come on, Data Dog!


For historical dialogue, see: Brokka/dialogue
Fight what cannot be fought.
I am like a shadow.
Know what cannot be known.
We are the knife in the darkness.


In her historical dialogue, Brokka stated that she was marrying Captain Tokk, and that he owned a farm on the outskirts of Lion's Arch. However, this farm belongs to Tokk, a different male asura.
  • Brokka and her adoptive children can sometimes be found playing by Tokk's Mill.