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Ultraviolet Hologram

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Ultraviolet Hologram was a third and final form of the Prime Hologram, the principle boss for the Battle for Lion's Arch living story. After getting the Prime Hologram down to 25% hp, it will split into the Dynamic Hologram, the Static Hologram, and the Synergetic Hologram. Once they are defeated, they reform into the Ultraviolet Hologram. The Ultraviolet Hologram cannot be injured directly, and can only be damaged by killing Microprime Holograms.


Historical location[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Prime Hologram.png
[Group Event] Defeat Scarlet's Prime Hologram before the defenses activate (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Laser Attacks
  • Large Area of Effect
  • Prime Light Beam
    • A wide linear attack that reaches from the center of the arena to the edge in four directions. The initial damage is extremely high and will down nearly ever player instantly. After landing, the attack remains on the ground as a pulsing AoE that deals heavy damage and Daze.png Dazes players who enter it.
  • Ultraviolet Blast
    • Used if Microprime Holograms are not killed fast enough. It targets every player in the area and deals massive damage.