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This is an archive of past content or discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to modify or discuss the content, please do so on the current talk page.


The happenings on the wiki, grouped by week.

Week of Sunday, 29 December 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 15 December 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 08 December 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 01 December 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 24 November 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 17 November 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 10 November 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 03 November 2013[edit]

  • Created {{event table row}} for easy generation of event details commonly used in achievement guides.
  • User:Louise (formerly adds NPC levels for various areas and creates new NPC pages.
  • ArenaNet adds RecentChangesLogFilter, a mediawiki extension by User:Poke, which hides all of the user creation spam in recent changes. (An option to change the default log visibility can be found in your preferences)
  • User:Claret adds NPC rank to lots of NPCs. She also updated many events with mismatched names.

Week of Sunday, 27 October 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 13 October 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 06 October 2013[edit]

  • User:Claret trims the hedges of the infoboxes. They look more purty now.
  • User:Lon-ami moves List of unique weapons to List of standalone weapons, yet another arbitrary name (poorly chosen and without consensus) and List of named weapons is still there.
  • Devon Carver receives some love this week after stephane does a tl;dr about how the quote can be misconstrued. When someone fixes it to match some other anet staff pages, Felix decides consistency with quotes trumps any logical formatting at reverts it. Even though not all the anet staff pages are consistent and the problem is left unaddressed. Yay!

Week of Sunday, 29 September 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 22 September 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 15 September 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 08 September 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 1 September 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 25 August 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 18 August 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 4 August 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 28 July 2013[edit]

  • User:Poke is promoted to bureaucrat after a successful RfA.
  • Rage321, a Reddit user, posts an explorer achievement guide using User:Dr ishmael's maps and links to the wiki.
  • User:Malgalad using {{map link table}} to create subobjects that hold location information and the id for points of interest to avoid the need to add ids to the infobox. Although this is working backwards, where the chat link codes could be created with queries, the work is appreciated.
  • Created {{parse tier}} as part of code to calculate the total achievement points for a certain group of achievements.
  • Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle discussion on User talk:Noxx leads to Obsidian Sanctum (explorable zone), a clarification on "WvW map" on a previous update. The jumping puzzle does not get just its own area, but it's own zone.
  • Created {{quartermaster}} for creating the upgrade tables. Previously, this was done there transcluding subpages individually.
  • Fixed icon logic on {{item infobox}}.
  • User:Vahkris adds most of the content for Cutthroat Politics. Who needs a preview play.
  • {{achievement table row}} gets some improvements, including collapsed tier list and suggested locations. Updated the SMW documentation for achievement properties.
  • User: created List of champions to document foes that will drop bonus loot. Due to the obscure warning, we don't know if legendary rank NPCs will give this reward or if there are other constraints.

Week of Sunday, 21 July 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 14 July 2013[edit]

  • User:Malgalad creates {{tl|achievement infobox}} for documenting individual achievements.
  • User:Indigo121 creates Living Story Summary to summarize the living story releases.
  • Achievement rewards gets plenty of attention. The article for Achievement Chest ended up being protected because ArenaNet is dumb and confused people with the achievement reward and the actual achievement chest. This ended up carrying over into the other articles, where anons completely ignore any discussion and hints and still create the articles. This is in respect to all the rewards being listed already and they are simply copypasting it onto new pages. Queue frustration for contributors.

Week of Sunday, 07 July 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 30 June 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 23 June 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 16 June 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 09 June 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 02 June 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 26 May 2013[edit]

Week of Sunday, 19 May 2013[edit]

  • The wiki article for the API is created after Felix manhandles the poor official forums.
  • Updated {{trinket infobox}} to support infusion slot for any trinket because Anet has to make non-ascended items with infusion slots for players to waste money on making them ascended for limited time items. Which isn't true for one of the two items. Go figure.
  • Last Stand at Southsun explicitly refers to the wiki articles for the two new back items. :D
  • The codeheads set event status fetching with MediaWiki:EventInfo.js and add to the infobox.
    • The feature was later promoted by ArenaNet on Twitter.
  • Guild Wars 2 API is introduced. This should get the item ids set with a bot and some form of event status for all the events.

Week of Sunday, 12 May 2013[edit]

  • Added support for setting the "abilities" of the NPC found in the NPC panel as the Has game description for the NPC similar to approach on other infoboxes.
  • Preliminary content for The Secret of Southsun is out. Some guy managed to update the featured article on time.
  • Rewrite {{Weapon gallery}} to use a semantic gallery including overlays.
  • Rewrite {{Item infobox gallery}} to use #arraymaps and an awesome syntax. Who doesn't like plus signs? (Gets several bug fixes days later)
  • Claret get befuddled about the removal of categories, queue the tl;dr responses.

Week of Sunday, 05 May 2013[edit]

April 28, 2013[edit]

April 21, 2013[edit]

April 14, 2013[edit]

  • User:Cloned adds 1000 interwiki language links.
  • Added unique parameter to items, months after ascended equipment came out and the property mattered.
  • User:Ching000 fills out dialogue and stuff on The Trial of Julius Zamon.
  • The wiki reaches over 1000 event articles, this probably happened two months ago but yeah. (1096 dynamic events, 166 group events, and 66 meta events)

April 7, 2013[edit]

March 31, 2013[edit]

March 24, 2013[edit]

March 17, 2013[edit]

  • Guild missions and associated vendors and content get sorted out and finished up this week.
  • User:Dr Ishmael finishes uploading locator and boundary maps for every area in the universe.
  • User:Yoe Dude creates masses of object articles.

March 10, 2013[edit]

March 3, 2013[edit]

February 24, 2013[edit]

February 17, 2013[edit]

February 10, 2013[edit]

February 3, 2013[edit]

January 6, 2013[edit]

December 9, 2012[edit]

  • User:Jyavoc begins running image bots to automatically tag various images.

November 11, 2012[edit]

October 26, 2012[edit]

  • Semantic mediawiki extension installed.