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The table row for items for use in vendor inventory tables. For use with {{vendor table header}}. The template queries for the item supplied by either name or id. If the item exists, the information is displayed. If the item doesn't exist, the item parameters can be supplied manually. Additional formatting is provided by {{Vendor table row result format}} and {{Vendor table notes}}.


{{vendor table row
| item = 
| cost = 

{{vendor table row
| item = 
| id = 
| type = 
| level = 
| rarity = 
| quantity = 
| cost = 
| cost icon = 
| per day = 
| per week = 
| per season = 
| per character = 
| total = 
| requirement = 
| collection = 


Required. Name of the item. The id parameter overrides this parameter.
Optional. Look up an item by id rather than name. This is required if multiple items have the same name and you need the specific item sold by the vendor.
Required. The cost of the item. Use a + symbol if the item requires multiple currencies.
Optional. The item type. Only required if the item type is undefined.
Optional. Quantity of item given by the purchase. Defaults to 1.
Optional. Level of the item. Only required if the item has more than one possible level or undefined. Defaults to Property:Has level requirement.
Optional. Rarity of the item. Only required if the item has more than one possible rarity or undefined. Defaults to Property:Has item rarity.
Optional. Set the location of this item. Defaults to the vendor's location. Separate multiple locations with a semicolon.
per day
Optional. How many of this item can be purchased per day.
per week
Optional. How many of this item can be purchased per week.
per season
Optional. How many of this item can be purchased per season of Wizard's Vault.
per character
Optional. How many of this item can be purchased per character.
Optional. How many of this item can be purchased in total.
Optional. Completed requirement to purchase this item, set to a page. Set showNotes in the header to "true" to show it in an extra column, otherwise it's displayed below the item. Use a semi-colon to separate multiple requirements.
Optional. Specify the collection during which this this item can be purchased
Optional. Sets Property:Has availability, use values per that page.
Optional. Add a css class to the row.
Optional. Modifies the displayed item name (only useful if item name does not match the name which appears in the vendor window)


The table creates a subobject with the following properties:

  • Has vendor
  • Has vendor section
  • Sells item
  • Has item quantity
  • Has item cost
  • Located in
  • Has requirement
  • Is purchasable during collection
  • Has daily purchase cap
  • Has weekly purchase cap
  • Has total purchase cap
  • Is historical
  • Has availability


{{vendor table header}}
{{vendor table row
| item = Endless Mystery Cat Tonic
| cost = 100 laurel
{{vendor table row
| item = Elementalist Gear
| cost = 30 Watchwork Sprocket + 3000 coin <!-- separate prices composed of multiple currencies with a + sign. -->
{{vendor table row
| id = 39613 <!-- looks up item with matching game id -->
| cost = 100 laurel + 5 Glob of Ectoplasm
{{vendor table row
| item = Mystery Tonic (furniture)
| quantity = 2 <!-- displays a (2) after the item name. -->
| cost = 200 coin
{{vendor table row
| item = Bjora Marches Portal Scroll
| cost = 24500 karma
| requirement = The Invitation
{{vendor table row
| item = Eternal Ice Shard
| cost = 2668 Karma
| per day = 10

Item Type Rarity Level Facts Cost
Endless Mystery Cat Tonic.png Endless Mystery Cat Tonic Novelty, Gizmo Exotic 100 Laurel
Piece of Elementalist Gear.png Piece of Elementalist Gear Container Rare 30 Watchwork Sprocket + 30 Silver coin
Cirque of Arah.png Cirque of Arah Ring Ascended 80
+126 Precision.png Precision
+85 Power.png Power
+85 Toughness.png Toughness
100 Laurel + 5 Glob of Ectoplasm
Mystery Tonic (furniture).png Mystery Tonic (2) Tonic Basic Silver coin
Bjora Marches Portal Scroll.png Bjora Marches Portal Scroll
(Requires completing the story step The Invitation.)
Gizmo Ascended 80 24,500 Karma
Eternal Ice Shard.png Eternal Ice Shard (10 per day) Trophy Exotic 2,668 Karma

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