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Hi, my name is Rakuin and too many times I have tried to look for something on this wiki only to find out it has no page or not enough information for my needs. So I'm here trying to fix that.


  • Interactive dialogue
  • Ambient and event scenes
  • Dynamic events
  • Lore


I stole this pretty thing from Dr Ishmael. This is beautifully simple and visual way to show you what kind of characters I work with to document the dialogues and whatnot, and I hope that people with differently set up characters help to fill stuff that I don't have access to.

lvl Storyline (interface).png
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Male.png Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Morus Alba Biography Ghostly Wraith.png Biography Dignity.png Biography Shield of the Moon.pngBiography Where Life Goes.pngBiography Night.png Order of Whispers (order icon).png Artificer tango icon 20px.pngJeweler tango icon 20px.pngTailor tango icon 20px.pngWeaponsmith tango icon 20px.png Personality noble.png 80 73 Hylek
Human tango icon 20px.png Male.png Ranger tango icon 20px.png Adan Saeros Biography Pet Stalker.png Biography Charm.png Biography Nobility.pngBiography Unknown Parents.pngBiography Kormir.png Durmand Priory (order icon).png Personality diplomatic.png 39 42 Skritt
Asura tango icon 20px.png Male.png Engineer tango icon 20px.png Sterego Biography Universal Multitool Pack.png Biography Charm.png Biography Statics.pngBiography VAL-A Golem.pngBiography Zinga.png Personality charming.png 3 3
Charr tango icon 20px.png Male.png Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Styx Bonesinger Biography Fire.png Biography Ferocity.png Biography Blood Legion.pngBiography Maverick.pngBiography Sorcerous Shaman.png Personality brute.png 15 14
Norn tango icon 20px.png Male.png Guardian tango icon 20px.png Gale Aarni Biography Conqueror's Pauldrons.png Biography Charm.png Biography Guard the Mists.pngBiography Lost an Heirloom.pngBiography Wolf Spirit.png Personality charming.png 3 3

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Currently Working On[edit]