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{{Dropped by|<item name>}}

Creates a table of creatures - including race and location - which have the specified item as property: Property:Drops item.


unnamed parameter 1
Item name. Defaults to "PAGENAME".
include historical content
Defaults to false. Setting this parameter to "y" will include temporary or historical NPCs in the results.
If set to "y", the created table will be collapsed when loading the page. Defaults to y if there are more than 5 entries in the table.


{{Dropped by|Egg}} produces:

{{Dropped by|Red Leather Bag}} produces:

Lady in White3GhostVillage of ShaemoorQueensdale
Veteran Bandit Lieutenant5, 15HumanBandithaunt Caverns
Sojourner's Way
Kessex Hills
Veteran Giant Boar10PorcineQueen's ForestQueensdale
Veteran Rotting Ancient Oakheart9TreantThe HeartwoodsQueensdale
Veteran Wasp Queen9InsectQueen's ForestQueensdale

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