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So have a short introduction text about myself.

I have worked in wikis before, but usually do not work with template editing. That is something I started for this project.
I am German and mathematician, and in my free time I post some homebrew rules for various tabletop and war games I play on d6ideas.

My favored races are Sylvari and Asura. Engineer is the profession that looks most interesting to me.
I am a typical explorer when it comes to MMOs, so GW2 is just my cup of tee.

I usually only do PvE and I plan to play on Desolation.

And if you are still asking yourself what a Yandere is: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

What I edit in the GW2 Wiki[edit]

For some strange reasons, I stumbeled into the equipment section of the wiki.
I usually have no interest in how my character is equiped, so I was surprised to find myelf edit countless of equipment entries.
Here are some templates I edited for fun and profit:

The Template:Item infobox and all its variations:

As well as the utility templates created for these infoboxes:

Interesting Pages[edit]

If you are like me, you will find interesting pages in the wiki and will never be able to find them again... unless...

I like these files: Complete.png Incomplete.png

More files I like:

Tyria table top game[edit]

I play roleplaying games since I was a teenager. I like the world of Tyria. It has some pretty interesting twists in it, so will try to build a Tyria tabletop RPG by myself. If you wanna help out, just follow the link below.

User:Yandere/RPG Currently I am not working on this even though I have some ideas ready, but my schedule is kind of thight lately.

My personal sandbox[edit]


User Yandere Boxxy.png This user loves Boxxies, you see.