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{{Map link table|<id>|<location name>}}


Input variables[edit]

The variable "type" can be set on the page like {{#vardefine:type|Point of Interest}} (where the desired icon replaces "Point of Interest", e.g. "Waypoint"), and setting one or the other will result in the formatting of an icon preceding the location link.

Subobjects by default are not stored. To enable subobjects on a page, add {{#vardefine:store subobjects|true}} to the top of it.


1 (unnamed parameter)
2 (unnamed parameter)
canonical location name
Name of location's article, if different from canonical name. Template will query the canonical name from this page, so it is not necessary to give both this parameter and unnamed parameter 2.
Optional. Set to y if historical.
subobject index
Optional. Use if duplicate names on the same page.