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This page describes the formatting for the story and explorable modes for dungeons as well as fractals in the Fractals of the Mists.

Page Layout[edit]


  • If one method for doing a walkthrough is more prevalent in PuGs it should be described. If it is a personal technique for passing the dungeon it should be omitted.
  • When possible, break up boss fights into "Phases"
  • If there are any game breaking exploits or hacks they may be noted but should not be described in detail


  • Should be precise in their purpose (e.g. Showing an effect, a Boss move, a Path)
  • Additional markup/text on the image should be done in a unified color.
  • Well positioned -- If in doubt, roughly aim the camera "in" while standing at the "entrance" point


{{otheruses|the story mode of [[Ascalonian Catacombs]] [[dungeon]]|explorable mode|Ascalonian Catacombs (explorable)}}
{{otheruses|the explorable mode of [[Ascalonian Catacombs]] [[dungeon]]|story mode|Ascalonian Catacombs (story)}}
[[File:Ascalonian Catacombs story mode map.jpg|thumb|300px|right|Ascalonian Catacombs story mode map.]]

{{Quotation|In-game description|<!--Description provided by dungeon NPC-->}}

<!-- Brief description of the dungeon -->

== Dungeon information ==
<!-- Mail received upon reaching minimum level to access dungeon -->
<div style="float:right;clear:right;">{{Mail
| sender =
| subject =
| content = 
| sign = 


* {{silver|8}}
* 70% of the character level 





== See also ==

{{dungeon nav}}


{{Area infobox
| type = Area
| within = Fractals of the Mists
| levels = 80

<!- Brief description of the fractal -->

<!-- Objectives here ->

== Walkthrough ==

== Tips ==





{{Fractals nav}}