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List of non-set weapons

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This article is a list of non-set weapon and weapon skins, which have unique skins that can't be found in any weapon set.

Mystic Forge weapons[edit]

Mystic Coins[edit]

Ectoplasmic Stones[edit]

Mystic Forge secrets weapons
Other Mystic Forge weapons

Loot weapons[edit]

Champion loot bag[edit]

Other sources[edit]

Standalone weapons[edit]

Black Lion weapons skins[edit]

Weapon skins available solely from Black Lion Trading Company either via the Black Lion Chest or via the Gem Store.

Black Lion Chest weapon skins[edit]

Gem Store weapon skins[edit]

Expansion weapons[edit]

Heart of Thorns[edit]

Living World Season 3

Path of Fire[edit]

Living World Season 4
The Icebrood Saga

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