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  • These exotic weapons have special names.
Item Type Prefix Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Abyssal Scepter.png Abyssal Scepter Scepter Berserker's
Accursed Chains.png Accursed Chains Focus Rampager's
Adam.png Adam Focus Berserker's
Ceremonial Warhorn.png Adder's Hiss Warhorn Carrion
Aether.png Aether Short bow Rampager's
Ak-Muhl's Jaw.png Ak-Muhl's Jaw Sword Carrion
Al'ir'aska.png Al'ir'aska Spear Dire
Alderune's Last Stand.png Alderune's Last Stand Sword Rabid
Ambrosia.png Ambrosia Focus Cleric's
Anton's Boot Blade.png Anton's Boot Blade Dagger Berserker's
Anura.png Anura Scepter Berserker's
Arachnophobia.png Arachnophobia Short bow Selectable
Arc.png Arc Longbow Sentinel's
Arcanus Obscurus.png Arcanus Obscurus Focus Cleric's
Arkhalos.png Arkhalos Mace Berserker's
Arthropoda.png Arthropoda Longbow Soldier's
Atlatl.png Atlatl Harpoon gun Shaman's
Avirdanag.png Avirdanag Short bow Carrion
Tribal Rifle.png Axiquiotl Rifle Rabid
Azimuth.png Azimuth Staff Berserker's
Azure Railgun.png Azure Railgun Rifle Carrion
Aether.png Azureflame Longbow Shaman's
Aureate Sconce.png Beacon of Kryta Torch Rampager's
Beacon of Light.png Beacon of Light Axe Knight's
Legionnaire Firebrand.png Beacon of the True Legions Torch Carrion
Berserker's Ebb.png Berserker's Ebb Sword Berserker's
Berserker's Flow.png Berserker's Flow Warhorn Berserker's
Berserker's Ley Guard's Protector.png Berserker's Ley Guard's Protector Shield Berserker's
Ley Guard's Revolver.png Berserker's Ley Guard's Revolver Pistol Berserker's
Lightward's Battlehammer.png Berserker's Lightward's Battlehammer Hammer Berserker's
Lightward's Battlestaff.png Berserker's Lightward's Battlestaff Staff Berserker's
Mordrem Cleaver.png Berserker's Mordrem Cleaver Axe Berserker's
Mordrem Saber.png Berserker's Mordrem Saber Sword Berserker's
Mordrem Warblade.png Berserker's Mordrem Warblade Greatsword Berserker's
Mordrem Warbow.png Berserker's Mordrem Warbow Longbow Berserker's
Seer's Warstaff.png Berserker's Seer's Warstaff Staff Berserker's
Tribal Scepter.png Big Juju Scepter Rampager's
Bite of the Ebon Viper.png Bite of the Ebon Viper Longbow Assassin's
Black Fleet Bludgeon.png Black Fleet Bludgeon Hammer Dire
Vera.png Blastmaster 3000 Harpoon gun Rampager's
Ceremonial Torch.png Blaze of the Serpents Torch Assassin's
Corrupted Fragment.png Bloodseeker Focus Carrion
Boneskinner's Spine.png Boneskinner's Spine Staff Berserker's
Bonetti's Rapier.png Bonetti's Rapier Sword Berserker's
Bow of the Pale Stag.png Bow of the Pale Stag Short bow Rampager's
Bow of the White Hart.png Bow of the White Hart Longbow Rampager's
Bramblethorne.png Bramblethorne Staff Rabid
Legionnaire Sidearm.png Brandt Pistol Carrion
Breath of Flame.png Breath of Flame Greatsword Dire
Call of the Commissar.png Call of the Commissar Shield Carrion
Carapace of Chaos.png Carapace of Chaos Shield Grieving
Carcharias.png Carcharias Spear Berserker's
Chalice of the Gods.png Chalice of the Gods Focus Dire
Chaos Gun.png Chaos Gun Pistol Berserker's
Charrzooka (weapon).png Charrzooka Rifle Berserker's
Legionnaire Staff.png Cinderspire's Rage Staff Carrion
Flame Guard.png Cinderspire's Tactics Shield Carrion
Claws of the Desert.png Claws of the Desert Dagger Carrion
Cobalt.png Cobalt Greatsword Rampager's
Ceremonial Stave.png Coiler Trident Assassin's
Coldsnap.png Coldsnap Scepter Cleric's
Combustion.png Combustion Torch Berserker's
Combustion (scepter).png Combustion Scepter Rampager's
Cooguloosh.png Cooguloosh Focus Selectable
Courage.png Courage Focus Shaman's
Cragstone.png Cragstone Shield Carrion
Crustacea.png Crustacea Short bow Soldier's
Crystal Guardian.png Crystal Guardian Greatsword Celestial
Crystalline Blade.png Crystalline Blade Sword Assassin's
Crystalline Blade.png Crystalline Blade Sword Selectable
Cutthroat Caller.png Cutthroat Caller Warhorn Carrion
Dandy Bluster.png Dandy Bluster Pistol Berserker's
Dawn.png Dawn Greatsword Berserker's
Deathwish.png Deathwish Staff Berserker's
Bandit Torch.png Defiant Blaze Torch Shaman's
Delusion.png Delusion Staff Selectable
Dhuumseal.png Dhuumseal Greatsword Carrion
Dragonfury.png Dragonfury Spear Rabid
Tribal Pistol.png Dragonshot Pistol Rabid
Dragonspine.png Dragonspine Spear Carrion
Tribal Rifle.png Drakestrike Harpoon gun Rabid
Ceremonial Short Bow.png Drakevenom Short bow Assassin's
Dreadwing.png Dreadwing Axe Berserker's
Droknar's Forgehammer.png Droknar's Forgehammer Mace Shaman's
Droknar's Recurve Bow.png Droknar's Recurve Bow Longbow Cleric's
Droknar's Short Bow.png Droknar's Short Bow Short bow Cleric's
Dusk.png Dusk Greatsword Berserker's
Ebonblade.png Ebonblade Greatsword Berserker's
Eidolon.png Eidolon Shield Berserker's
Eir's Longbow.png Eir's Longbow Longbow Berserker's
Eir's Short Bow.png Eir's Short Bow Short bow Berserker's
Emberglow.png Emberglow Scepter Rampager's
Emberspire.png Emberspire Staff Carrion
Entropy.png Entropy Hammer Knight's
Eternal Sands.png Eternal Sands Focus Sinister
Exterminator.png Exterminator Rifle Berserker's
Eye of Rodgort.png Eye of Rodgort Scepter Rabid
Faithful.png Faithful Axe Dire
Feathers of Dwayna.png Feathers of Dwayna Short bow Shaman's
Final Curse.png Final Curse Longbow Rabid
Final Rest.png Final Rest Staff Carrion
Firebringer.png Firebringer Sword Carrion
Firelighter.png Firelighter Torch Rabid
Fixer Upper.png Fixer Upper Mace Cleric's
Flame Rifle.png Flamebelcher Harpoon gun Cleric's
Flux Matrix.png Flux Matrix Focus Berserker's
Foefire's Essence.png Foefire's Essence Greatsword Cleric's
Foefire's Power.png Foefire's Power Hammer Cleric's
Foulbear Lucky Feathers.png Foulbear Lucky Feathers Focus Carrion
Legionnaire Longbow.png Ganadriva Longbow Carrion
Large Skull.png Gaze Focus Carrion
Adamant Guard Pistol.png Gearbore Pistol Shaman's
Genesis.png Genesis Hammer Cavalier's
Glimmerfang.png Glimmerfang Dagger Assassin's
Charged Fragment.png Glint's Scale Focus Rabid
Wurm Hunt Souvenir Stein.png Goblet of Kings Focus Cleric's
Godswalk Enchiridion.png Godswalk Enchiridion Focus Rampager's
Great Capra.png Great Capra Longbow Berserker's
Grim Pact.png Grim Pact Pistol Sinister
Grimward.png Grimward Shield Rampager's
Guardian of the Six.png Guardian of the Six Shield Cleric's
Guild Defender.png Guild Defender Shield Soldier's
Handheld Disaster.png Handheld Disaster Pistol Dire
Heart of Mellaggan.png Heart of Mellaggan Focus Berserker's
Honor of Humanity.png Honor of Humanity Sword Rampager's
Aureate Warhorn.png Horn of the Rogue Bull Warhorn Carrion
Howl.png Howl Warhorn Berserker's
Hypnotic Scepter.png Hypnotic Scepter Scepter Berserker's
Ignus Fatuus.png Ignus Fatuus Spear Rampager's
Illusion (spear).png Illusion Spear Rampager's
Lyssa's Gaze.png Ilya Pistol Berserker's
Immobulus.png Immobulus Scepter Selectable
Impaler.png Impaler Spear Berserker's
Imryldyeen.png Imryldyeen Staff Rampager's
Infinite Light.png Infinite Light Sword Selectable
Infinite Wisdom.png Infinite Wisdom Focus Shaman's
Ironfist.png Ironfist Hammer Berserker's
Jailbroken.png Jailbroken Focus Sinister
Jaws of Death.png Jaws of Death Axe Carrion
Jora's Defender.png Jora's Defender Shield Rabid
Jormag's Breath.png Jormag's Breath Sword Shaman's
Jormag's Needle.png Jormag's Needle Dagger Carrion
Kenshi's Wing.png Kenshi's Wing Dagger Shaman's
Kevin.png Kevin Mace Rabid
Khrysaor, the Golden Sword.png Khrysaor, the Golden Sword Greatsword Rabid
King's Remembrance.png King's Remembrance Focus Magi's
Knot of Justice.png Knot of Justice Axe Cleric's
Knowledge is Power.png Knowledge is Power Focus Apothecary's
Kodanroar.png Kodanroar Warhorn Berserker's
Komalie's Sacrificial Blade.png Komalie's Sacrificial Blade Dagger Shaman's
Kryta's Embrace.png Kryta's Embrace Shield Berserker's
Kryta's Salvation.png Kryta's Salvation Axe Shaman's
Kymswarden.png Kymswarden Greatsword Rampager's
Labrys.png Labrys Axe Rampager's
Last Rites (weapon).png Last Rites Greatsword Grieving
Leaf of Kudzu.png Leaf of Kudzu Longbow Berserker's
Levvi's Detector.png Levvi's Detector Rifle Settler's
Lidless Eye.png Lidless Eye Scepter Rabid
Legionnaire Trident.png Limitless Furnace Trident Rabid
Lord Taeres's Shadow.png Lord Taeres's Shadow Sword Berserker's
Lyssa's Gaze.png Lyss Pistol Berserker's
Magmaton.png Magmaton Hammer Carrion
Malachidean.png Malachidean Trident Cleric's
Malefacterym.png Malefacterym Dagger Rabid
Malice (weapon).png Malice Focus Carrion
Master Blaster.png Master Blaster Pistol Cleric's
Maw of the Damned.png Maw of the Damned Axe Berserker's
Mecha Anchor.png Mecha Anchor Hammer Knight's
Melandru's Gaze.png Melandru's Gaze Staff Shaman's
Memory of the Sky.png Memory of the Sky Staff Cleric's
Might of Brauer.png Might of Brauer Hammer Berserker's
Mirage (weapon).png Mirage Trident Berserker's
Mjölnir.png Mjölnir Hammer Carrion
Mojo.png Mojo Focus Carrion
Monsoon.png Monsoon Staff Magi's
Moonshank.png Moonshank Dagger Rampager's
Moonshine.png Moonshine Mace Rampager's
Naegling.png Naegling Greatsword Berserker's
Ceremonial Scimitar.png Naga Fang Greatsword Cleric's
Nest.png Nest Scepter Berserker's
Nightwing.png Nightwing Pistol Sinister
Nitro.png Nitro Spear Cleric's
Occultist Flame.png Occultist Flame Torch Shaman's
Oikoumene.png Oikoumene Scepter Rampager's
Pirate Flintlock.png Old Reliable Pistol Carrion
Oni Blade.png Oni Blade Greatsword Berserker's
Onus.png Onus Hammer Sinister
Ophidian.png Ophidian Axe Cleric's
Opulent Defender.png Opulent Defender Shield Berserker's
Peasant's Solution.png Peasant's Solution Trident Berserker's
Phoenix Reborn.png Phoenix Reborn Axe Valkyrie
Phoenix Talon.png Phoenix Talon Axe Berserker's
Modniir Quarterstaff.png Pillar of Ulgoth Staff Carrion
Stein of Celebratory Beer.png Poyaqui's Noggin Focus Shaman's
Pumpkin Smasher.png Pumpkin Smasher Hammer Soldier's
Rage (weapon).png Rage Harpoon gun Berserker's
Razah's Nightmare.png Razah's Nightmare Torch Rampager's
Razorstone.png Razorstone Axe Shaman's
Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle.png Reaper of Souls Dagger Rabid
Reaver of the Mists.png Reaver of the Mists Axe Carrion
Remnant of Ascalon.png Remnant of Ascalon Hammer Shaman's
Resonator.png Resonator Sword Cleric's
Revenge.png Revenge Axe Sinister
Flame Trident.png Rhendak's Trident Trident Carrion
Rhongomyniad.png Rhongomyniad Spear Berserker's
Dredge Barricade.png Rivetwall Shield Assassin's
Rockweed Spire.png Rockweed Spire Trident Carrion
Rodgort's Flame.png Rodgort's Flame Torch Berserker's
Ruinmaker.png Ruinmaker Pistol Rampager's
Rusttooth.png Rusttooth Sword Carrion
Sarraceniaceae.png Sarraceniaceae Rifle Cleric's
Scepter of the Highborn.png Scepter of the Highborn Scepter Magi's
Legionnaire Mace.png Scorchrazor's Fist Mace Dire
Seasatchel.png Seasatchel Focus Rampager's
Ceremonial Rifle.png Serpentsniper Harpoon gun Assassin's
Ceremonial Morning Star.png Serpentstone Mace Berserker's
Shard of the Deep.png Shard of the Deep Scepter Carrion
Shield of the Moon.png Shield of the Moon Shield Carrion
Shield of the Wing.png Shield of the Wing Shield Shaman's
Shiverstone.png Shiverstone Mace Celestial
Silence.png Silence Staff Shaman's
Welding Torch.png Sinister Welding Torch Torch Sinister
Siren's Call (weapon).png Siren's Call Warhorn Cleric's
Skybringer.png Skybringer Greatsword Shaman's
Song of the Numberless Pack.png Song of the Numberless Pack Focus Berserker's
Song of the Temptress.png Song of the Temptress Warhorn Cleric's
Soul Conductor.png Soul Conductor Sword Sinister
Soulshard.png Soulshard Dagger Cleric's
Spade of the Deep.png Spade of the Deep Spear Rampager's
Spark (weapon).png Spark Dagger Berserker's
Spectral Wave Modulator.png Spectral Wave Modulator Rifle Rampager's
Ettin Club (consumable).png Spiked Club Mace Carrion
Spirit Links.png Spirit Links Focus Rampager's
Squeedily Spooch.png Squeedily Spooch Focus Rabid
Stardust.png Stardust Short bow Celestial
Flame Staff.png SteamFire Trident Rampager's
Usoku's Needle.png Stinger Dagger Carrion
Storm.png Storm Scepter Berserker's
Stygian Blade.png Stygian Blade Sword Berserker's
Tribal Scepter.png Sun God's Gift Torch Cleric's
Super Hyperbeam Alpha.png Super Hyperbeam Alpha Rifle Assassin's
Tear of Grenth.png Tear of Grenth Dagger Rampager's
Crystal Core.png The Anomaly Focus Berserker's
The Bard.png The Bard Focus Berserker's
The Briny Deep.png The Briny Deep Hammer Cleric's
The Chosen.png The Chosen Shield Berserker's
The Colossus.png The Colossus Hammer Berserker's
The Crossing.png The Crossing Staff Selectable
The Cure.png The Cure Dagger Sinister
The Energizer.png The Energizer Mace Berserker's
The Fate of Menzies.png The Fate of Menzies Torch Rampager's
The Hunt.png The Hunt Warhorn Assassin's
The Hunter.png The Hunter Rifle Berserker's
The Legend.png The Legend Staff Berserker's
The Lover.png The Lover Short bow Berserker's
The Mad Moon.png The Mad Moon Shield Selectable
Aureate Staff.png The Malestrom Trident Shaman's
The Punisher.png The Punisher Hammer Rampager's
The Stingray.png The Stingray Harpoon gun Berserker's
The Ugly Stick.png The Ugly Stick Hammer Rabid
Tinwail.png Tinwail Warhorn Shaman's
Titans' Vengeance.png Titans' Vengeance Axe Rabid
Tooth of Frostfang.png Tooth of Frostfang Axe Berserker's
Touch of Fog.png Touch of Fog Torch Sinister
Touch of Madness.png Touch of Madness Torch Sinister
Adamant Guard Staff.png Trident of the True Legion Trident Carrion
Trosa's Short Bow.png Trosa's Short Bow Short bow Rabid
Pirate Cutlass.png Trusty Rusty Sword Carrion
Truth.png Truth Axe Cleric's
Tsunami.png Tsunami Scepter Cleric's
Twin Sisters.png Twin Sisters Sword Berserker's
Twin Talons.png Twin Talons Sword Rampager's
Unspoken Curse.png Unspoken Curse Sword Soldier's
Urchin's Needles.png Urchin's Needles Harpoon gun Carrion
Usoku's Needle.png Usoku's Needle Dagger Berserker's
Vassago.png Vassago Axe Sinister
Venom (weapon).png Venom Trident Berserker's
Ceremonial Pistol.png Venomstriker Pistol Berserker's
Vera.png Vera Rifle Shaman's
Vision of the Mists.png Vision of the Mists Greatsword Berserker's
Volcanus.png Volcanus Greatsword Carrion
Warden Shield.png Wall of Thorns Shield Carrion
Wall of the Mists.png Wall of the Mists Shield Berserker's
Whisperblade.png Whisperblade Sword Rampager's
Windstorm.png Windstorm Warhorn Rampager's
Winged Spatha.png Winged Spatha Sword Shaman's
Wings of Dwayna.png Wings of Dwayna Longbow Cleric's
Wintersbite.png Wintersbark Short bow Cleric's
Wintersbite.png Wintersbite Longbow Cleric's
Wisteria.png Wisteria Focus Carrion
X6-31 Beta.png X6-31 Beta Harpoon gun Valkyrie
X7-10 Alpha.png X7-10 Alpha Focus Rampager's
Zap.png Zap Sword Berserker's
Zhaitan's Reach.png Zhaitan's Reach Scepter Carrion
Éibhear Dunn.png Éibhear Dunn Longbow Shaman's
Éibhear Finn.png Éibhear Finn Short bow Shaman's

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