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ArenaNet employee

Devon Carver

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Content Designer

Devon Carver has been in the video games industry for 4 years now. He started his career at ArenaNet by answering a craigslist posting and now they let him design content! He toiled long hours in QA before graduating to the luxurious life of a designer. He loves to play soccer, watch soccer, read, spend time with his dog, watch Coen Brothers movies, and peruse the internet for information trivial and significant.

— ArenaNet Blog

Devon Carver was a content designer for ArenaNet and the head of World versus World design team. He formerly served as a QA analyst for ArenaNet.



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  • Competitive Team Design Lead
    • January 2014 – October 2015
  • Content Designer
    • November 2009 – February 2014
  • QA Analyst
    • June 2009 – November 2009