Dredge weapons

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Dredge weapons are level 50 rare weapons available through crafting by Artificer tango icon 20px.pngArtificers, Huntsman tango icon 20px.pngHuntsmen, and Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.pngWeaponsmiths. They require Steel Imbued Inscriptions to craft, the recipes for which must be purchased from Master craftsmen, while the weapon recipes themselves are all discoverable.

These items share appearance with Summit weapons (PvP).



Item Type Skin link
Main hand
Dredge Bonehewer.pngDredge Bonehewer Axe
Dredge Bloodletter.pngDredge Bloodletter Dagger
Dredge Flanged Mace.pngDredge Flanged Mace Mace
Dredge Firearm.pngDredge Firearm Pistol
Dredge Baton.pngDredge Baton Scepter
Dredge Edge.pngDredge Edge Sword
Off hand
Dredge Canary.pngDredge Canary Focus
Dredge Barricade.pngDredge Barricade Shield
Dredge Lamp.pngDredge Lamp Torch
Dredge Double Horn.pngDredge Double Horn Warhorn
Dredge Sunderer.pngDredge Sunderer Greatsword
Dredge Pulverizer.pngDredge Pulverizer Hammer
Dredge Reflex Bow.pngDredge Reflex Bow Longbow
Dredge Boomstick.pngDredge Boomstick Rifle
Dredge Short Bow.pngDredge Short Bow Short bow
Dredge Pillar.pngDredge Pillar Staff
Dredge Boomstick.pngDredge Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun
Dredge Spear.pngDredge Spear Spear
Dredge Pillar.pngDredge Trident Trident