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Week of Sunday, 10 December 2017

Week of Sunday, 22 October 2017[edit]

  • Halloween commences with lots of old Halloween content comes back.
  • Nobody should be using "|reason=" on {{verify}} or {{citation needed}} because it doesn't work and prevents the reason from showing up.
  • Doodleplex learns how to edit a widget so Alex isn't the only one who knows how.

Week of Sunday, 08 October 2017[edit]

  • Maps for Path of Fire zones uploaded.
  • Template:Icon and other icon templates rework complete.

Week of Sunday, 10 September 2017[edit]

  • Anet has updated the Guild War 2 forums. This may cause broken links that need to be fixed or possibly even links to posts that no longer exist, though it appears they are keeping the older post archived so the latter hopefully shouldn't be a problem. If you see a forum link, please check and edit accordingly if required.

Week of Sunday, 20 August 2017[edit]

  • "What links here" would like people to know it exists before they move/delete/eat a page.
  • Alex continues trying to stop the Achievement templates from breaking. So far it looks like userpages are breaking Alex.
  • User:Rainspell continues to de-orphan the orphaned pages.

Week of Sunday, 06 August 2017[edit]

Week of Sunday, 30 July 2017[edit]

  • User:Idris updates most of the formatting guidelines.

Week of Sunday, 30 April 2017[edit]

  • Some discussion on Armory embeds aka the wiki is too big.
  • Flashpoint is released. Time to document all the things and nuke the Recent Change log.
  • Template:Temporary is now being used just for seasonal/holiday thing and not for historical content anymore. Craziness.
  • You can now edit and create pages that have "&" in them.

Week of Sunday, 23 April 2017[edit]

  • The deprecated historical = y parameter has now been removed from all wiki templates. Please use status = historical.

Week of Sunday, 16 April 2017[edit]

  • Doodle le sys.

Week of Sunday, 26 March 2017[edit]

Week of Sunday, 26 February 2017[edit]

Week of Sunday, 19 February 2017[edit]

  • Anet releases a mini quest to reforge Andúril Caladbolg. As a result, it breaks our templates which, since HoT, is nothing new. Time for a new template?
  • Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects/Shared Model Project/Objects now exists, because just like NPCs, objects have shared models too.

Week of Sunday, 12 February 2017[edit]

Week of Sunday, 01 January 2017[edit]

  • Darqam creates Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects/NPC Coordinates, great for finding NPCs.
  • Alex, possibly hating snow, removes the Wintersday decorations the wiki had a week early.
  • Sysop JonTheMoon's status is changed to semi-active, and Tanetris first post of the year is to say he's been more active on the GWIW recently than here.