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This is an archive of past content or discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to modify or discuss the content, please do so on the current talk page.


Week of Sunday, 18 August 2019

Week of Sunday, 14 December 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 09 November 2014[edit]

  • Wiki app breaks 20,000 downloads.

Week of Sunday, 26 October 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 19 October 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 12 October 2014[edit]

  • Mithran gets a llama to play with.
  • User:Dr ishmael adds the item quantity for achievement rewards, claiming someone forgot to add it. Because if something is missing, it means someone completely forgot to add it.
  • Guild Wars 2 Wiki talk:Weapon formatting for discussions on Twitter, cultural biases, ideal worlds, and naked girls.

Week of Sunday, 05 October 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 28 September 2014[edit]

  • Leveling equipment is now linked to by 490 pages and still hasn't been created.
    • Luckily, Relyk could recover the rough draft he wrote on September 27 but forgot to save. A list would be a nice addition though.
      • Luckily, Dr ishmael has a couple research pages with everything already tabulated.
  • User:Chieftain Alex tidies up the Help section of the wiki. See Help:Contents.
  • User:Dr ishmael adds skill icons for traits that vary with individual skills.
  • User:Sscripko formats and cleans up drop sections for champion loot bags.
  • The wikis received a software upgrade: MediaWiki 1.23.2 and SMW 2.0
    • Previously bugged SMW stuff was still borked since it was only a *software* update but all data has been rebuild since!
  • Edit requests are dumb.
  • The wiki contest finishes up and poke needs to throw the rest of his llamas away.

Week of Sunday, 21 September 2014[edit]

  • Updated meta events to use the zone for location, after months of never getting around to it.
  • User:Dr ishmael writes lots of dumb trivia because he has nothing better to do.

Week of Sunday, 14 September 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 07 September 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 31 August 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 24 August 2014[edit]

  • Chris Cleary posts on exploit and safe spots. He defines it as a position that abuses of geometry and pathing to avoid taking damage while engaging an enemy. He gave the case of standing outside of range of stationary bosses, where the boss should reset. Leashing is the system where the NPC will reset if it can't hit or reach a target. Thus we can say players are abusing the leashing system to prevent it from triggering by the use of safe spots. The problem is that leashing is wildly inconsistent and false positives happen. While Chris gives examples of poor boss or dungeon implementation, he doesn't say this is an issue of poor implementation of the leashing system. This doesn't make sense on what he's arguing, since leashing issues (and hence geometry and pathing) are related to poor dungeon implementation or poor boss implementation. The cases where ArenaNet would consider a temporary ban for exploiting this issues ends up being unclear and players will end up nitpicking what is or isn't an exploit in the same way ArenaNet nitpicks how they want players to use mechanics. If the leashing system didn't exist, then the safe spot issues would be an issue of poor game design due to geometry and pathing mechanics. Maybe there simply isn't a satisfactory solution from both the devs and players due to how complex the game is.

Week of Sunday, 17 August 2014[edit]

  • User:Ventriloquist uploads lots of equipment screenshots available on the german wiki.
  • User:Mora makes nav templates for the vine back pieces.

Week of Sunday, 10 August 2014[edit]

  • Some people prefer references to other fansites even when the information was given directly to the wiki. This is why we can't have nice things.
  • User:Chieftain Alex finishes the {{wardrobe}} for displaying the skins in the wardrobe format.

Week of Sunday, 03 August 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 27 July 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 20 July 2014[edit]

  • User:Tyndel updates content in Monger's Sink.
  • Titus goes to Alex to fix the family trees yet again.
  • User:Tanetris accuses User:Poke of treachery.
  • User:Relyk gets Extended Editor after some... poking.
  • Added an achievement count to {{Achievement table header‎}} finally instead of adding a manual tally on each achievement page.
  • Mukilol posts a Reddit thread on creating PvXwiki version 2. The thread spurs the rare comments from wiki users who never comment on the subreddit normally. And Mithran gets downvoted to oblivion. Tahiri posts on User:Chieftain Alex's talk page as a former Build Master and important person. Like threads before, people comment that they would love to but will rapidly forget the site exists.
  • User:Dr ishmael repairs more weapon sets for loot tables.

Week of Sunday, 13 July 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 06 July 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 29 June 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 15 June 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 08 June 2014[edit]

  • User:Bogya uploads armor galleries for heritage armor and other armor sets.
  • User:Chieftain Alex edits all the infoboxes to use the same historical + categorization logic. historical = y deprecated in favor of "status = historical".
    • After much infobox spamming, he realised that there wasn't a point to adding an additional SMW property and reverted much of his edits. Relyk still hasn't noticed.
    • Relyk knows why Alex reverted the content, but claims boolean value can't be used to address all cases for what is desired.
  • User:Chieftain Alex updates the formatting of the templates in Category:Notice templates. Wording still needs attention on Template:Historical content.

Week of Sunday, 01 June 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 25 May 2014[edit]

  • Anzen and others are tracking the progress on releases with Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects/Living World changes. Check it out!
  • User:Dr ishmael fixes up Strawberries and Biscuits because they are delicious.
  • Anzen is asking a lot of questions and playing around with SMW, let's see how long the hype train goes!
  • User:Anzenketh creates {{location result}} and {{Location result ul format}} for displaying locations. Unfortunately, Relyk went through the exact same thought process months ago and created {{location result format}} to do that for queries.
  • User:Anzenketh makes dialogue pages for the rest of the services. Creates {{dialogue}} for generating dialogue for static dialogue that will rarely change for about 10 pages on each service. I guess copypasting text is too challenging for people.
  • User:Rhynchelma adds categories to various pages that aren't categorized in a continued spree to fill in special pages like Anzen.

Week of Sunday, 18 May 2014[edit]

  • User:‎Anzenketh tags PvP Steady weapons and individual articles for deletion due to being removed from the game and based on an answer from IRC by Horrible. User:Relyk says not to do that. In the meantime, fixed the steady weapons to no longer show aquatic weapons because seeing a red link for pages that will never be created pisses Anzen off.
  • User:Dr ishmael creates User:Dr ishmael/bulk for organizing the armor set boxes after some spamming on talk page about issues.
  • User:Rhynchelma adds categories to release pages, ends up making some redundant categories but who cares.
  • User:Rhynchelma adds appropriate NPCs to many area pages.

Week of Sunday, 11 May 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 04 May 2014[edit]

  • User:Santax creates the "Ministry of Purity" that was previously deleted on a whim.
  • User:Louise creates a multitude of NPC pages.
  • "Template:Icon" is killed. Long live {{icon}}. Alex decides to move it to User:Relyk/icon as a favour, to much unnecessary bemusement.
  • Alex starts discussion on waypoint objects. Starts talking about messing with the icon templates and going off-topic. Moves {{area waypoint}} to {{map point}}, which is a silly template name. The talk page consists of Alex and Ishmael talking to each other. They talk about formatting before they've even figured out how to present the information. The talk page is a rehash previous discussion on both icons and waypoints on the Community Portal. No actual discussion on waypoint subobjects has taken place yet.
  • Spambots finally accept User:Psycho Robot as one of their own and attempt communication.
  • User:Louise expands Warband and adds to their articles which warband charr NPCs belong to.
  • User:Reelix adds some chat link codes next to waypoints. Time to visit (or not visit) {{area waypoint}}?

Week of Sunday, 27 April 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 20 April 2014[edit]

  • Psycho moves things like Council Guard armor to Council Guard armor1 and redirected that to another armor set. I have no idea what's going on anymore, edits should telepathetically speak for themselves.
  • Alex does concurrent modification on Wikichu to poke's horror.
  • User:Anja Astor returns to editing the wiki, shortly followed by a lot of dungeon armor renaming by bots.
  • Psycho adds armor set parameters for various armor sets.
  • {{Skin infobox}} is setup in preparation for the documentation of wardrobe skins, and a new pink themed color scheme for infoboxes and tables is added.
  • User:Poke creates a table of skin ids, which was then used by User:Chieftain Alex to create Chat link format/0x0B codes. The chat link search feature was then updated to accommodate these skins. Outfits have yet to be seen.
  • Bureaucrats have a frivolous debate about a user group for rollback and suppress redirect to pretend they still serve an important role on the wiki. The result was the the bureaucrats deciding to give "Extended editor" privileges based on looking at contributions and poke doing a lot of fence-sitting. The first test monkey for the privileges is User:Psycho Robot.

Week of Sunday, 13 April 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 06 April 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 30 March 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 16 March 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 02 March 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 16 February 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 09 February 2014[edit]

  • User:Chieftain Alex create {{release features}} in the typical ugly approach of {{weapon gallery}} of having a switch statement for every possible case instead of a parameter. Template was not immediately implemented due to forecast angsty response + unknown future status of release table row.
  • User:Noxx completely rewrites the Release article using {{release table row}}. This is after waiting since September 7, 2013 for a response on Talk:Release/Features. If his summary for the changes is anything to note, making the changes without prior discussion definitely ruffled Relyk's feathers.

Week of Sunday, 02 February 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 19 January 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 12 January 2014[edit]

Week of Sunday, 05 January 2014[edit]