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This template does not require the presence of a DPL statement (like that included in {{skill list dpl}}).


unnamed parameter 1 <skill name> 
Full name of the skill article, including disambiguation suffixes.
unnamed parameter 2 <skill number> 
Set the skill number to a certain value, useful if the skill appears in many slots and is therefore not numbered.
unnamed parameter 3 <link text> 
Defaults to canonical name.
Defaults to the in-game description.
Set to one of the following values to show an additional icon before the skill icon:
chain Redirect Arrow.png or any other unused value, as: y, yes...
chain2 Redirect Arrow.png Level 2
mount Mount skill On hover: Mount skill
mount2 Secondary mount skill Level 2; on hover: Secondary mount skill
replacedby Replaced by On hover: Replaced by
replacedby2 Replaced by Level 2; on hover: Replaced by