Norn weapons

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Norn weapons

Cultural weapons
Karma weapons
Loot weapons
Req. level
39, 46, 53, 60, 67, 74, 80
Concept art by Kekai Kotaki.

Norn weapons are a weapon set distinctive to the Shiverpeak Mountains region.

Variant summary[edit]

  • All variants of these weapons are Rare, with the exception of those sold by Sven.
    • Sven sells level 5 Fine versions with Mighty stats of the axe, dagger, mace, pistol, rifle and sword.
  • Level 60 variants with the Shaman's prefix are sold as cultural weapons for 35,000 Karma by the following vendors:
  • Loot variants appear at every 7 levels starting from level 39 and have the following prefixes:
Level Sigil
39 Major Sigil of Battle.pngMajor Sigil of Battle
46 Major Sigil of Ogre Slaying.pngMajor Sigil of Ogre Slaying
53 Major Sigil of Earth.pngMajor Sigil of Earth
60 Major Sigil of Water.pngMajor Sigil of Water
67 Major Sigil of Corruption.pngMajor Sigil of Corruption
74 Major Sigil of Energy.pngMajor Sigil of Energy
80 Major Sigil of Air.pngMajor Sigil of Air


Skin Type Game link
Main hand
Norn Axe.pngNorn Axe Axe
Norn Dagger.pngNorn Dagger Dagger
Norn Mace.pngNorn Mace Mace
Norn Pistol.pngNorn Pistol Pistol
Norn Scepter.pngNorn Scepter Scepter
Norn Blade.pngNorn Blade Sword
Off hand
Norn Focus.pngNorn Focus Focus
Norn Shield.pngNorn Shield Shield
Norn Torch.pngNorn Torch Torch
Norn Warhorn.pngNorn Warhorn Warhorn
Norn Greatsword.pngNorn Greatsword Greatsword
Norn Warhammer.pngNorn Warhammer Hammer
Norn Bow.pngNorn Bow Longbow
Norn Rifle.pngNorn Rifle Rifle
Norn Short Bow.pngNorn Short Bow Short bow
Norn Staff.pngNorn Staff Staff
Norn Speargun.pngNorn Speargun Harpoon gun
Norn Spear.pngNorn Spear Spear
Norn Trident.pngNorn Trident Trident